Marketing Content is not a one day game. Predominantly, it is an on-going process which requires thoughtful minds and attractive content. In fact, marketing content may need several qualities. For instance, a story might be fascinating and engaging to read than an introduction of one particular service.

Business Tools to Analyze Content

Considerably, a routine check on the content update and optimization are the key for the successful content marketing efforts. Not only that, it requires effective process and efficient tools to maintain the good results and in driving traffic.

Materially, an old piece of content may not generate traffic or a may not be a great content that adds any value to the business. Such web pages ought to be removed from the site, including some Facebook Twitter links. Additionally, people tend to create various landing pages for diverse types of content, objectives, and offers.

Later, these pages become abandoned or unused. This is one problem in a marketing site. Likewise, more than content creation there are several aspects that need to be considered to maintain success.

To attend to the above-stated problem, a content inventory is maintained by the marketing companies. The Content inventory is solely the collection of information about the links and properties of the website. Plus, while you create content, you will know if you really need to produce the whole thing again.

Best Tools To Analyze Content For Business

Even if you don’t have a content inventory, some tools can help you do that. Below are the 3 tools to analyze content for marketing.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider can be used to acquire comprehensive information about your site. Compiling an inventory manually may consume a lot of time. In addition, it is downright terrible and tiresome to carry out such a job. Whereas, Screaming Frog SEO Spider just start hitting each and every inch of your website to collect all the information and URLs.

You can just construct an XML Site map of your content using this tool. Identically, you can identify content duplications, and also can audit redirects in your website while launching a new website.

You initially have to download this tool and open to see the address bar on the top. Clearly, enter your page’s URL. Precisely, this tool will start gathering the required data to provide you with an XML Site map. Once it is done collecting the information, it will report you the results. You will be able to filter the results based on the type of files. (Ex: HTML, Jpeg, Gif, and so on).

The report will provide you the pages and links that are present on your webpage. The report can be exported to an excel file and kept as an inventory.


 Ahrefs is a scaled up version of SEO and Content analysis tools. It has a lot of gas to analyze huge websites with thousands of links. Additionally, Ahrefs offers you the site audit analysis tool, which is created to provide the best possible convenience and ease of use. Even a newbie can understand and use the tool to solve the ultimate purpose of analyzing the content.

When you key-in the URL in Ahrefs, it starts collecting the information. It clearly builds the required formats to describe you a vivid picture of your website.

The results will include graph bars to show you which is what and how much. Also, it has a few more tools that allow you to analyze individual interlinks and data. You can download the results of all your analysis in a spreadsheet.


Similar to the above-discussed tools, SEMrush also offers analytical tools and options. You can definitely develop a content inventory faster than ever. But also, the results tend to be as detailed as the former tools.

You will get the links and stats to analyze the content performance. Also, you can choose to run the program only on a specific part of the page. That way, you can save more time and complete the job efficiently.

SEMrush Content audit feature will clearly offer you the XML site map’s sections. It is like a more coherent view of clear analysis. Evidently, it may take longer than usual if the site is crowded with links and huge content. Fortunately, it will spare your day by providing accurate information in a most viable format. Hence, while looking for content marketing tools, SEMrush remains an unavoidable candidate.


It is easier said than done. Likewise, thinking and advising on a particular process is really easy, following it is tough. Doing a manual site analysis is practically possible, but you may have to spend weeks and months on it. However, a content analysis tool is handy and does the job like a pro. Just hit the go button to get your job done. is a better place to get your writing jobs completed swiftly and incomparably low price range. The writers’ team in Rapid Essay is eminently capable and can help you prepare your essay and article writing tasks right on time. You may lack time, or you may not have a high budget. In both cases, Rapid Essay is a significant choice.


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