Even if the youths are the game heads nowadays, there are still really matured men and women that fancy playing games as well. In fact, a recent survey in the U.K. says that older adults play video games than you might thinkĀ  42% of adults age 55 to 64 enjoy playing video games. What games exactly do they go for? Well, some of them prefer love strategy games while others play multiplayer games with their grandkids. To break down more games you might not know of, Here are a list 10 Best Video Games For People Over 55:

1. Candy Crush

Best Video Games For People Over 55This is a very easy puzzle game that can be rocked on your iOS and Android phones. With more than one trillion levels played, it is one of the well-known phone games of all time. The aim is to match 3 of the same candies consecutively to boost your score and advance to new levels. The game is addictive so be cautious with the in-app buys to get additional lives and power-ups as things can easily get out of hand. The game comes with various levels and leaderboards so you can monitor how you are coping compared to your friends.

2. Backgammon

Best Video Games For People Over 55

This is an authentic board game that could be played in your parlor or even close to the swimming pool. What several gaming fans are not aware of is that this amazing game can be enjoyed on almost all phones. It can be played on a Mac or a PC. The most beautiful part of this video game is that anyone that has enjoyed it on board does not have to equip his r herself with the regulations. Also, it can be played online so you have fun with it alongside your buddies and loved ones from wherever in your country.

3. Wordscapes

Best Video Games For People Over 55This is a game for word puzzles lovers. It is a mixture of traditional crossword puzzle and a letter scramble. The aim is you creating as many words as possible using the letters shown to you to get the crossword blanks filled. For old people, the game is a brilliant cognitive training. It is tough but not impossible to finish levels and it can assist you to learn stuff. This game possesses more than six thousand levels and will surely keep you busy when you are free. It can be enjoyed on Apple and Android devices.

4. Flight Simulator Xtreme

Best Video Games For People Over 55

This is a very cool game. It places you in the cockpit of some popular companies like Boeing and Learjet and Airbus. You get to wrap up missions, transport passengers from one airport to another one and explore lovely sights from the sky.

The younger generation might not fancy this game because it was developed to possess some complexities that children will have no clue about. The only disadvantage is that it can only be enjoyed on iPads and it is quite expensive.

5. Trivia Crack

This is a quiz game in the form of a face-off to test your knowledge vs friends. Simply spin the wheel to view which of the 6 categories you and your opponent will be asked questions from. It provides lots of questions that require answers. The first person to clinch 6 crowns will carry the day. Gamers can choose from more than twenty different languages to feature in and you are also allowed to interact with friends via the application that is provided in the App Store and the Play Store.

6. Wii Sport

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Interaction is key here. This game that gets played on Nintendo Wii is a decent option for those that cannot partake in stressful athletic activities. This game provides baseball, boxing, tennis, bowling, and golf.

Every game lets users participate in minimal workouts with pals or can be played by one person. You can buy it at the local GameStop or on Amazon.

7. Guitar Hero

This is a musical blast that is quite unique from the regular video game. Instead of making use of a controller, whoever is playing this game plays with a toy guitar that can be used on any of the 7 Guitar Hero games. Every game possesses tunes from legends of the music industry. It is a magnificent game for older players to aid then to bring back the days of their youths. The game is not just available for lots of consoles, it can also be enjoyed on your smartphone and your PC.

8. 2048

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This is a simple puzzle game that can be enjoyed on your mobile device or PC. The aim is to add line numbers as you try to attain a score of 2048 or more. For whoever doesn’t really fancy excessive games, this game is amazing since it needs just the swipe of your fingers to play.

It aids you to engage in a competition with yourself to attempt to discover fresh strategies to clinch a super high score. 2048 enhances your mathematics skills and improves your mind too.

9. Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour

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Golf is famous for being the sport for old and retired people. This game lets you channel your inner Rory Mcllroy and allow you to play like the champions of the game.

10. PGA Tour

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This game can be played on PlayStation or Xbox and it also comes with versions that can be enjoyed on your phone. For versions on a console, tutorials are available to teach you all you should know. It is simple to download too.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best video games for people over 55. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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