A lot of us have one New Year’s resolution every single year, and that is working out and making more money. Sitting all day is actually bad for you so it is always best to move your body about from time to time to stretch yourself. More movement goes a long way in improving your health and fighting all kinds of sickness. To expatiate on what I am saying, check out our list of 5 Best Walking Apps For You:

1. Geocaching

Best Walking AppsThis one is for adventurers. It is basically a treasure hunt for adults. The application takes your device’s GPS location and unveils a map with several real-life “caches” marked. When you start your hunt, the map will reveal the distance and altitude difference. You are allowed to click in to view details, clues on where the cache can be found. Comments from those that have tried to locate the cache will be available too.

2. Walkr

Still, on the topic of best walking apps, Walkr is another highly recommended app. In Walker, the energy you generate from your steps will fuel a spaceship on which you travel via space to find fresh planets. These are lovely worlds named Honeycomb or Caramel Apple which will make you need to walk in the direction of the closest sweet store. You will be given normal missions to assist space creatures. It aids your fitness as well since it comes with functions that record your weight and calculate calorie output.

3. StepBet

Are you a gambler? Then you will love this app. It is quite stressful but entertaining. It starts by telling you to “put some cash on yourself” which means a different thing until you realize that it is really telling to put some cash on yourself.

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It is generally a free application but you can only play by paying. It simply links to any pedometer you use, be it a watch or smartphone, accesses your step history and calculates your Active Days and Power Days, which are days you need to walk a lot more.

4. Wizards Unite/Jurassic World Alive/Pokémon Go

These games made the list because they are very identical. Pokémon Go was launched three years ago when the craze turned humans into something else. Jurassic World Alive was released in 2018 and it was something similar, but with doper battles. Wizards Unite was unveiled this year, and it got our attention too. It works via GPS location and optional augmented reality (AR). After the application takes notes of your location and sets up the virtual aspects of the world around you, you are expected to stroll around and get rewards from creatures or items you catch on the way.

5. Lympo

This is a health application that rewards users for meeting daily walking or running targets. Are you a treadmill runner or a mall walker? Then this app will suit you because it monitors indoor and outdoor step, a feature other apps will not offer you.

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Simply connect your fitness tracker to it, select a challenge, walk or run the needed distance and you can earn points. It pays you as well by making use of blockchain tech to create a currency that customers can redeem for fitness wears, electronics at any nearby Lymp store.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps for walking. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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