While 2020 has been a scary year in some ways, there are still some bright spots. For instance, technology keeps marching on, and there are exciting new products that should keep all the techies salivating. Wearables are right at the top of everyone’s list, so we’re going to talk about a few of the better ones today.

Best Wearable Tech

When it comes to wearables, some people want them for music, others for fitness. Still, others want them to make phone calls or to check how their stocks are doing. Luckily, some options can do all those things for you, and more.

TicWatch E2

While wearables have been around for years in the form of court-ordered electronic monitoring devices, that’s probably not the fashion statement you’re eager to make. You want a stylish wearable that won’t break the bank.

The TicWatch E2 qualifies on both counts. A few details:

  • It retails for about $159.99, cheaper than several competitors
  • You get at least two-day battery life before it needs a recharge
  • It charges via a magnetic connecting pin

It might not have quite the brand recognition of something like the Apple Watch, but this model is fully loaded and checks off a lot of essential boxes. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-connective.

It has an accurate heart rate sensor and a GPS. It also features sleep tracking so you can see how much quality sleep you’re getting. That ought to be enough for you to think about putting this on your Amazon list.

Fossil Sport

The Fossil Sport gives you a recognized brand name that’s been in business for decades. Here are some details:

  • It’s Android and iOS-compatible
  • It has 4GB of storage
  • It connects to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS

The design is very sleek and lightweight. The battery should last you for two days, at least. There are a couple of issues with this one, though.

For one thing, the GPS can be a little bit slow. Some wearers have complained of a lack of high-end features that some of the other competing wearables now have standard.

The price might be the best feature. You can find one brand-new for $275 on Amazon right now, but a gently used one from eBay can be yours for about $100.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung is another top contender in the crowded wearable market. The Galaxy Active Watch 2 has the following features:

  • A light, slim, and comfortable design
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4GB of onboard storage

Buyers rave about this watch’s bright, sharp display. It’s also not as bulky as earlier versions. What sets this model apart, though, is the full selection of features that few others can match.

It has a heart rate and ECG sensor, which come in handy if you’re pushing yourself during your workouts. There is also a multi-purpose health app through which you can monitor your sleep and also your stress level. It even features 39 different programmable workout modes.

You can find this option for $200 for a stripped-down version or $279.99 fully loaded.

Apple Watch 5

Some people consider the Apple Watch the Cadillac of fitness wearables, and if you spend a little time with one, it’s easy to see why. There’s no denying that this fifth-generation version has just about everything you need, including the very latest technology.

Some features include:

  • 32GB of storage, more than ever before
  • iOS compatibility
  • Connectivity to LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi

Of course, with Apple, part of what you’re paying for is brand recognition, and this model will cost you $399 on Amazon. This is the accessory for you if you’re an iOS junkie since it pairs perfectly with recent iPhone models.

This model features an “always-on” display. That means you do not need to raise your arm to see the key stats. You can look at it with your peripheral vision and see a detailed readout, which you can customize.

You get heart rate monitoring, GPS, and an ECG monitor. It’s hard to argue that this is the best Apple Watch that money can buy up to this point. The company always has some new ideas on the back burner, though, so you can count on improvements with the next version.

Honorable mention on this list goes to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, a sporty, no-frills wearable that boasts excellent battery life and some nice features. If you’re price-conscious, you might want to go in that direction, since it’s roughly half what you’d spend on the Apple Watch 5.


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