Wedding photographers are crucial for every wedding ceremony. They ensure the quality of wedding pictures you desire for your special day are no longer a dream, but a reality. If you are in Malaysia and you fancy a very good wedding photographer to capture the moments of your memorable day, here is a list of Best Wedding Photographers In Malaysia:

1. Anna-Rina

She is a full-time wedding and portrait photographer and has been exactly that since 2007. She loves traveling and outdoor activities where she can use her camera to capture beautiful moments she’ll hold with her for the rest of her life. Her style of photography is fun but also relaxing.

2. Keda Z

This guy is famous for his image style and beautiful photoshop skill. His photos are also of top quality as he exploits several perspective and style to better himself. Keda Z adores capturing the true meaning of love and love stories no wonder he fancies weddings as well.

3. Munkeat Photography

His style is inspired by the historic film era as it is remarkably classic and timeless. He focuses on destination weddings, children, travel photography, fine art portrait and wedding photography.

4. Jenny Sun Photography

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Jenny fancies capturing wedding events honestly and in a way that does not attract unnecessary attention. She adores shooting for a collection of beautiful memories in a chilled and relaxed style. She does pre-wedding shoots as it is a way of knowing the couples before the important day of their lives.

5. Robin Ng

He specializes in wedding and portrait photography. He derives joy in making weddings memorable. He does not see photography as money making means but as a wonderful way of expressing himself in a creative manner.

He loves seeing couples happy by giving them memorable images of themselves together on their special day.

6. Kenn Foo

best wedding photographers in malaysia

Blessed with amazing artistic senses, his creativity began when he was very young. He researched for his personal wedding arrangements, captured and formed with his passion until he became older and gained a lot from it. Kenn Foo likes to treat every couple as unique, ensuring the beauty is not in the pictures alone but in the entire experience.

7. Alex Tan Artworks

best wedding photographers in malaysia

He is passionate about capturing the lovely moments and unforgettable pieces of your love story. In 2004 this camera guru was a banker in a foreign bank before he decided to follow his dream. He loves telling stories and meeting new people. He is presently an international wedding photographer who knows his job.

8. Daren Chong

best wedding photographers in malaysia

Popular for being named among the Top 30 photographer in Asia in 2012. He is passionate about wedding photography. He is highly technical with his photos and style.

His way of capturing any beautiful wedding moment shows the emotions involved between the couples. He takes care of all wedding projects personally and he does not overlook the little details.

9. Dennis Yap

best wedding photographers in malaysiaWith more than six years in the business, he has taken care of close to 700 assignments. He and his team put finishing touches to any job at home to ensure the final result of the highest quality for clients. For Dennis Yap, they believe spending time with family as they work is the way to go.

10. Edwin Tan

best wedding photographers in malaysia

He began his career as a wedding photographer in 2007 and he has not looked back ever since. He discovered his passion for the camera while he attended workshops. With massive inspiration, wedding photography was what he opted for and he has received several awards for that decision since he started. Edwin loves a perfect job. Every tiny detail is important and he always wants to get better with every shoot.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best wedding photographers in Malaysia. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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