So, you want to learn about the best WordPress hosting companies in the market today?

Well, you are on the right page and I will try as much as I can to demystify some of the myths about WordPress hosting; what you should know, where to find them, and the best ones you can easily choose from.

But first, let’s talk about WordPress Hosting…

WordPress Hosting is hosting web servers that focus simply on hosting WordPress websites.

They are fast, reliable, have great features, have very considerable pricing options, is powered with a cPanel backend which makes it easy to do One-click Installation of WordPress, and lastly, they have great and highly responsive technical customer support.

So, why should you power your WordPress website with a WordPress Hosting?

If you just asked the above question, then thumbs up to you, because you are thinking rightly and asking the right questions.

WordPress is a CMS platform that has evolved and become popular amongst Internet Marketers since its inception in 2003.

And based on a considerable amount of research, I have discovered that over 78 million websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress. That’s a lot!

Best WordPress Hosting

People from all walks of life turn to use the WordPress Content Management System or CMS because it is easy to use and maneuver even for a non-techy person (Definitely, I am not a tech guy. but you should see the websites I have helped to build for clients over the years)!

Yes, to build a website, you really don’t need a coding knowledge or anything technical, no!

You only need your imagination and creative mind to be able to explore the world of WordPress Web Development and Management.

And guess what, the WordPress software is FREE and it’s an open-source platform that enables developers from all over the world to contribute unique and powerful themes, plugins, and widgets for easy customizing experience for non-techy WordPress Developers.

So, how do you choose between some of these best WordPress hosting companies?

Truth be told, not all the web hosting that claim to pride themselves for effectiveness and blah blah are exactly what they claim they are.

Here’s a rule of thumb: Make sure that any website you choose at all should have these three most important web hosting factors, which are load time (speed), uptime (at least 99.94%), and customer support (I can’t trade this one for anything in the world)!

While researching this article, I stumbled on a post on HostingFacts, which I feel you should totally check out.

Now, let’s get straight into the real meat. Shall we?

Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting

Based on my research, and the reviews from people and websites, I have come up with my own list of the Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting companies. However, this list is in no particular order…

#1. A2 Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting

I am yet to use A2 Hosting, but based on its features and the numbers of positive reviews I got and compiled from my research, I have decided to include it on this list.

So, you want fast? You want reliable? Do you want advanced security? Or even a guru crew support?

Look no further, A2 Hosting is your best bet, because it has just about anything you want in a web host company.

A2 Hosting Features:

  • SwiftServer Platform with Free SSD Storage & PHP 7
  • Unlimited SSD Storage & Monthly Bandwidth
  • Advanced Security for WordPress & WooCommerce
  • 24/7/365 “Guru Crew Support” Team
  • Unlimted Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Starts from $3.92

Website: | 9.2 User rating.

2. BlueHost – Best WordPress Hosting

BlueHost is one of the foremost web hosting companies and its popular amongst small business owners and bloggers from around the globe.

Over the years, they’ve powered more than 2 million websites, making them one of the most trusted and reliable web hosting companies. Hence, the reason why we have included them on this list.

On the features and scoring fronts, check their scores below:

BlueHost Features:

  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • Free Domain
  • 24/7 WordPress Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Load Time: 419ms
  • 30GB – Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Starts from $2.95

Website: | Scores 8.7 based on users votes.

#3. HostGator – Best WordPress Hosting

HostGator like, BlueHost is one of the oldest web hosting companies, and it powers over 10 million domains, which makes it rank as a popular web hosting company in the world.

To add to that accolades, HostGator has a strong reliability and 99.99% up-time factor, plus a great customer support system.

Wait a minute, did I forget to tell you that HostGator’s WordPress Hosting is the fastest hosting company in the world, only beaten by A2 Hosting.

HostGator Features:

  • Uptime: 99.96%
  • Load Time: 462ms
  • Support: 9/10
  • Starts from $2.99


#4. FastComet – Best WordPress Hosting

Since I joined the blog-o-sphere in 2011, I have powered my WordPress websites with hosting companies like, Arvixe, GoDaddy, TigerTech, SmartWeb (Nigeria Webhost) iPage, and of course, FastComet.

Believe me honestly, FastComet is one of the most fastest and the most reliable web hosting company on the internet. A  big and HUGE thumbs up to them!

FastComet Features:

  • Fast SSD Storage & Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Advanced Firewall, Anti-Exploit, & Malware Protection
  • Free Domain Registration & Daily Backup Service
  • Free SSL/TLS Certificate & Softaculous
  • Starts from $2.95
Website: | rated 9.7 by users across the world

#5. – Best WordPress Hosting

I only recently discovered about this WordPress Hosting Company, thanks to my friend Abel Babalola of who told me about it, even though he made an 100 dollars commission from that deal.

So, since I have been using this hosting company I have not had any course to complain, and the few times I had issues with updating my WordPress PHP and installing some plugins on my WordPress blog, I simply had to click on their LIVE Support and immediately, there was an agent attending and solving my issues.

When you talk about speed, reliability, up-time, or even great customer support, InterServer is your best bet, they sure have one of the best servers and I will continue to recommend them to people.

InterServer Features:

  • Linux, cPanel, & Cloud Optimized Hardware
  • CloudFlare CDN Integration with Every Domain
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases & SSL Encryption
  • *NEW – Advanced WordPress Security Platform
  • Starts from $5


Wrapping Up on Best WordPress Hosting

So, after some considerable amount of research, the above is my list of some of the best WordPress hosting companies in the market today.

Got any questions?

Do not hesitate to use the comment box section below to ask your questions, and one of our representatives will be on-hand to clear your doubts.

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  1. Hehe Sam, I didn’t know you guest post.

    Good to see Interserver on the list, those guys have been nothing but awesome.

    Pretty detailed article, Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes boss Babs!

      So far, I have loved their hosting services, and by God, their support is mind blogging and pretty exclusively exclusive!

      And yes, I guest post ooo. Haha

      Thanks for the heads up brother. I heartpreciate!



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