As you aim to lose weight, exercise more frequently, or begin higher intensity workouts, we all need a little help. Fitness apps come in very handy by reminding you of your goals and urging you to do all it takes to achieve them. They also ensure the tools you need are readily available, whether it’s a heart monitor or a video-based workout session, for proper results. To know more about these apps, here is our list of Best Workout Apps For Android/iPhones 2019:

1. MyFitnessPal

This amazing app lets you monitor your nutrition and your exercise. The nutrition gallery is generated by users of the app and you are free to set goals, share your food, work on recipes and monitor your exercise. Simply put, it works very well for helping people reach their fitness goals in an easy manner.

2. Fitocracy

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This app is the home of fun with its free workouts that gets you in shape. As soon as you’re through without those exercises your physical therapist recommended, go for Fitocracy. It has also done amazingly well to add game alongside your workout, this earns you points for successful completion. It also lets you track exercises at the gym.

3. Strava

This is a running/cycling app, a tracked app and most importantly, a fitness community. Its fantastic near-universal compatibility with devices is a feature to be praised. The app will not just focus on your runs and bicycle rides, it sets up a competition between you and people who travel the same routes. Strava syncs with a lot of other fitness trackers and running watches. It also comes in handy when it comes to checking your heart rate. Strava is also an app known for its adequate privacy.

4. Runkeeper

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This app makes use of your vehicles GPS transceiver to log your running distance on several roads. It goes as far as feeding you audio updates to enable you remain in tune with the tempo. The process is super easy. All you need to do is join a running group, and update whoever you wish to update by sharing your progress. You also get to include indoor cardio and gym workouts.

5. Runtastic

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This app is very effective when it comes to its main aim. It monitors all forms of metrics in your running, the distance you covered, and the pace used to cover that distance. Your calories and heart rate are not left out.

Motivational audio feedback is also provided on the go to keep you going despite all challenges. A Wear OS smartwatch is equally effective if you prefer to leave your phone at home and still get tracked. Payment on this app unlocks special features you won’t regret paying for.

6. Wahoo

This seven minute workout app is the epitome of “easy does it.” Users get to open the app and have access to quick set to exercises to begin their day with. The exercises include 12 high-intensity bodyweight workouts in half-a-minute each, then a quick rest and then more of the same. Some of the routine will cost you money but some go for free. Your experience with Wahoo can go from good to great if you have one of the apps heart rate monitors to connect while as you exercise, so you can be certain the appropriate amount of effort you need to elevate your heart rate is being put in.

7. 8fit

This workout app focuses on a program for your diet and exercise according to the results you desire. It is for those that do not mind a lot of guidance, suggestions, reminders to achieve their fitness dreams.

Choosing a definite goal, whether its to get fitter, reduce your weight, and making it more precise, i.e you plan to reduce your body fat by 10 percent in 2 months, is the way to go with this app. 8fit is very attentive to a lot of details when working on your fitness plan. Plans like the time of the day exactly you wish to workout or whether you’ll spend time cooking or you’ll prefer fast food. To cap it all up, this app prepares your mind as regards how easy or difficult your goal would be. Realistic assessments only.

8. Blogilates

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This is also a blog and a youtube channel. It is owned by the beautiful and cheerful Cassey Ho, who delivers a lot of workouts on demand, as well as apt suggestions for proper diet, stretches and ways to keep your body positive. Be aware though that this app’s content is focused more on women than men. But the exercises can be used by everyone. Every workout video just requires you to have your comfortable wear, a mat and the right attitude.

9. Charity Miles

This app donates cash to the organization you choose when you use it for walking, bicycling or long miles jogging. It is the go-to app for whoever fancies a charitable cause from time to time. Corporate organization donate a few cents for every mile you successfully finish, and in return, they display their special offers in the app or otherwise let you know about their brands. You also get to invite a friend to finance your favorite cause as you workout. Some of the Charity organizations they reward include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the National Park Foundation, Save the Children, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

10. FIT Radio

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This is a music-streaming workout app with video-guided lessons on basic recovery exercises. This app is for those that look for the right music that is on par with their tempo while they exercise. The app has several playlists for all forms of workouts. Focus is also on creating mixes that remain consistent so you don’t disrupt the flow you are working with. This app requires a paid membership but 3 hours of free music when you try it is guaranteed. There is no free version but you get a 30-day trial period.

Now that the best workout apps for Android and iPhone have been brought to your knowledge, keeping fit is going to be a lot easier. All you need to do now is to pick one of the apps and begin your fitness program.


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