Blackberry devices and android devices are at war this time, Android is trying it’s best to beat Blackberry out of the mobile market, till now I don’t still know what will be of this fight.

Blackberry has also lunched an advanced blseries of blackberry devices, which is the BB10. Following recent rumours of the BlackBerry A10’s power and size, the first image of the device has leaked and FTB those tech blogs that could get access to see the photo.

Here we have a picture revealed by BGR (see below). It shows the BlackBerry A10, which ia also known as the Aristo, in all it’s large-screen glory.

Blackberry A10 Image Leaked

The Blackberry A10 device is a touch-only device (no trademark BlackBerry keyboard), ooo with a large 5-inch Super AMOLED display. As for now it’s the largest BlackBerry smartphone.

We are not still sure of the screen size as it’s being claimed that this screen won’t be particularly sharp with a resolution of 1280 x 720. That’s just 720p, when most new 5-inch Android devices are above 1000p.

From the little feature we could gather, the BlackBerry A10 device will feature a dual-core CPU backed by 2GB of RAM, as well as a separate GPU. Some previous reports has claim that BlackBerry will leverage this setup to make the A10 a gaming powerhouse, Thats a BIG one for game lovers.

From the picture we’ve seen above, the rounded edges and touches of white appear to partially confirm previous suggestions that the BlackBerry A10 would resemble the Samsung Galaxy S4 morethan any previous BlackBerry. Having said that, we can definitely see plenty of the BlackBerry Z10’s design language in there. Apparently the BlackBerry A10’s rear will “feature something similarto the BlackBerry Q10,” though we’re not quite sure what that’s supposed to mean at this point.

Expect the Blackberryy A10 Anytime soon, but we hope it will arrive this year.


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