Every blogger longs to become popular and build a successful blog, but there are lot of facts that must be considered before you can achieve such in your blogging career. You must have to device a means to make your blog stand out of the crowd if you must achieve this, and that’s where most bloggers fail.

making your blog stand out

If you find yourself in this situation wanting to build a famous blog but have not yet achieved it, don’t worry, I’ve been there and I’ll let you know the various strategies I applied to come out of that crowded ditch.

How To Build A Spectacular Blog Out Of The Sea Of Million

1. Your Niche

If you have concluded that i’m about to expose the Niches that can get you popular in no time, then I’m sorry to disappoint you because you can make your blog stand out despite what Niche you blog. One problem newbie bloggers tend to face is blogging literally about everything, this usually stunts the growth of blogs and also discourages growth because you don’t have a targeted audience. The solution to this problem is simply focusing on a Niche and becoming an authority in your specialization. Find a niche for yourself and you won’t regret you did.

 2. Create A Voice and Writing Style

If you do not have a voice for yourself, then you are just another “Me Too” blogger. It is very much of a necessity to write useful and quality contents in your own voice and writing style. Read books about authors and develop a unique writing style, this is usually one of the reasons people would love your blog. Infact, people love to know they are having communication with someone, that’s the reason i’m always writing as a person instead of a  group. Create a voice for yourself and you’ll reap the results soon.

3. Quality Content

When it comes to blogging, quality rules over quantity. The more you write quality contents on your blog, the better for your blog’s future and blogging career. With time you can increase your blogging frequency, but as a newbie try watching to achieving quality and writing out of the box contents. Some useful guides to help you on contents are below.

4. Your Blog Design

I would always say uniqueness is the key to standing out in whatever you are doing. If you do not know programming or webdesign, i’ll recommend you hire a webmaster to help you design an attractive theme for your blog, you can as well go for a premium theme and pay a few dollars. If you are someone who loves to get search engine traffic, then consider light weight themes to improve your blog’s load time as this is one factor that affects your search engine ranking.

5. Guest Blog

This is one super way to boost your blogs in several ways such as ranking on search engines and also making your blog to grow popular in your Niche. It is one of the major ways I have used in pushing my blog to where it is today and I believe you too can. The role guest blogging plays in blog building can never be over-emphasized, you definitely need to read the article below to know the importance of guest blogging to your blog.


Building your blog to stand out is not an easy task but can be easily achieved if you do understand the tactics that are involve. Try applying the above outlined tips and you will build your blog to success. Other tips you should try out are

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I hope you apply this tips and also check out more articles from our blogging category. Don’t forget to share this articles on your social media accounts.


  1. Oscar,

    These tips of yours are so true…However, if you ask me to select only one, I’ll go with quality content.

    You see, there are some sites that really have poor designs, horrible loading speeds etc. In fact, all that can go wrong with a site is already wrong with them…yet I visit them daily because they’ve got something to share that is of importance to me.

    Keep writing excellently like you do – for you’re one blogger I always visit . And believe me, always learn a thing or two.

    – Terungwa

  2. HI Oscar,

    You kept sharing bomb and viral post here on your blog. That’s good!

    I agree with all of your stated point as they are all valid ones and ones that I actually resonated with.

    Like I used to say, your niche is your purpose and just like in real life if yo don’t know what your purpose is or are you will never attain success at all in life’s endeavour.

    Finding your style and knowing your voice is another key point you stated and I believe it’s also very critical, it’s what distinguishes you from the rest of the packs, that is, bloggers and uniqueness is the key of being successful.

    Nice post brother!


  3. Quality contents and Good design really matters a lot. It will be hard for a visitor to come back to a blog after he/she read 3 to 4 posts without grabbing something OR a reader having difficulty in navigating to other post.
    Thanks for the share here. More grease to your elbow and thumb 😉


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