This is just a quick tip on how you can easily add or remove an Author (Admins inclusive) to your blogger blog. You can also use this same technique in transferring a blogger blog to a different Google account in terms of sales.

blogger blog's admin right

1. Sign in to Blogger account containing the blog you want to move.

2. Go to Settings -> Basic -> Permissions.

3. Click the Add Authors button, then input the GMail address of the Google account you want to move the blog to.

4. Sign in to the new Google account’s mailbox you just sent an invitation, Open the confirmation mail sent and click the confirmation link.

5. Now you’ve verified the mail, sign in back to the main blogger account that originally contained the blog. Goto your blogger dashboard, Go to Settings -> Basic -> Permissions. Now you will see the second account as Author. Click the drop-down menu next to it and choose “Admin” if you wish to give the account admin rights.

6. If you wish to delete your account from that blog, you can lick the X sign next to the 1st Account.

You are done. Happy Blogging


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