We all know what it means to fly, so if we have to pull out wings for that, we have to be ready at a due time. Please! Don’t get it mixed up, I’m not talking about you having wings, No. I’m talking about you making a travel by means of a flight (Airways).

Before you engage yourself in the flight mode there are vital things to consider, especially since you’re in Nigeria. Booking a domestic flight might prompt you going online and registering on an airline’s website. Having access to most airway’s flight booking portals and other flight agencies online, the process is quite easy and seamless, however, there are certain difficulties travelers face if they do not countercheck certain details before hitting the “Book Your Flight” button.

How To Board a Flight in Nigeria for the first time

You have to know that most states in Nigeria have just one airport, which makes it important to know where exactly the airport is located within the state, as to rest assured if going to your location by air is the best option.

Ensure you have your first night booked and the address is written down before you go ahead and book the flight, this saves you a lot of hassles.

To book a domestic flight all you to do is to enter your Identification Card number, but for those of you that don’t have a valid ID card and you wish to book a local flight you can use your registered driver license, please note that your driver’s license will have to be valid for the dates you intend to fly domestically.

First Timer’s Guide on How To Board a Flight in Nigeria

Check for Available flights and Ticket prices

First thing first, all you need to do is find the available flight because not all airlines go to every destination, another thing to consider is that they have different fares for the same destination. To that effect, it is important to always check prices on a different available flight before your booking.

Another hint about this is that weekday flight is mostly cheaper than weekend flight. Also, a 6 am flight might look great, considering it is always the cheapest flight of the day, but check other factors out before booking: how feasible is the journey to the airport at that time?

Book Your Ticket

After you’ve verified for the available flight and its price the next act is to book your flight ticket If you have decided to travel in flight, not forgetting to confirm if there is any seat available to proceed on booking your flight and getting your ticket.

Most at times, you don’t get a ticket for the day you plan to travel, so due to that, I will advise you to you book your flight as early as possible. This gives you upper-hands: first, you have better vacancies as to purchase a flight ticket.

Prepare for Your Flight

Before leaving your home, office or anywhere you might find yourself, make sure you have all the necessary documents in place. Getting now to the airport, you have to follow the regulations and rules set apart for passengers and sometime it might take time.

So make sure you have enough time and an hour early will be perfect. If your luggage is going with you, try everything possible for the weight not to exceed the airline’s acceptable weight load. Then if the case turns out the other way round, you will have to pay for your luggage (that’s if you exceed the normal weight). Make use of the extra free opportunity of taking some additional stuff with you on the plane with a petty bag.


Once you get to the airport terminal, don’t wait for anyone neither should you go sitting down What you need do next is to check in. Simply saying that you have to show your ticket and your form of Identifications with necessary travel document. The check-in officer will give you a boarding pass and receipt of luggage.


After following the above step, the next thing to do is to present yourself at the departure lounge where you will be subjected to security checks. You may have to put your phone on airplane mode or put it off, jacket, laptop outside for inspection. The security officer will stamp your carry-on and boarding pass if you successfully meet the requirement. After you’ve finalized the checkup, you will need to wait and as you’re waiting, pay attention to the boarding announcement.

In the Airplane

After you must have been signed in, search out for your seat number which is printed on your boarding pass, quite true that some minor aircraft may not have seating arrangement, so you can seat anywhere. The cabin crew will close the doors when all passengers are on board.

Before takeoff, they will pass out vital safety flight information. There will be some signals for seatbelt and prohibition of smoking. You are meant to sit tight on your seat.


Remain seated until the plane stops and it’s announced by the cabin crew: safe to leave the plane; you have to wait for the signal of seat belt light turning off as well. You can then exit the plane.

I hope the above pieces of information will go a long way helping you out with your first flight booking plans. Don’t hesitate to comment below if in need for more guidelines. Also, feel free to share this post if you did love it.



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