Gone are the days when games only offered entertainment and lacked mental development. As time passed, games have metamorphosed into tools that provide entertainment at the same time helping us to build a certain part of our lives. In this article, we are going looking at 7 brain exercise games for iOS and Android.

Games featured on this list, have numerous activities that can train the brain, too seriously but in a fun way — games like Logic puzzles games challenges you to think on your feet & outside the box.

These games are entirely enjoyable while training the mind to be mentally fit. In my tedious hours, I frequently play most of these brain exercise games to blow my socks off. You can get a slice of the pie.

Are you having lots of time for mobile games that ginger your brainpower? If you do find great interest in brain exercise games, then quickly check out our list of concocted best Brain exercise games you could play on mobile –iOS and Android below.

1. Left vs. Right

left vs right

Enhance your grey matter with Left vs. Right. This game is designed to test your reasoning, adaptability, precision, reflexes & awareness, and patience.

It incorporates 49 total games that train and puts your brain in one or more of the six categories. This brain exercise game has colorblind Mode but, you’ll need to activate right in the settings menu.

To be precise, there are only two types of members –the VIPs & Regulars. The VIPs go with many a feature that the Regulars do not possess. VIPs can train in all six training categories every day; while Regulars can start out three training out of the six groups.

For VIPs all games from the categories are accessible. Note only VIPs can access Category Percentiles, Category Brain Quotients, and score history for each game played.

2. Peak


The peak is one of my favorites. It’s fun; free brain training workout crafted masterly for you. Peak uses puzzles and brain games to challenge language, memory and depth thinking –in aid of keeping your mind active.

There are over 12millions downloads worldwide, alongside the partnership with academics from top-notch universities–peak is the perfect brain training game.
The brain training workout takes about 10 minutes. It also has 45 brain games for The Mature and new training workouts each day. Challenge awaits for you.

Peak Key Features:-

  • Test your attention, Math, problem-solving, memory, Language, Co-ordination, Creativity, Mental Agility and emotional control.
  • Know the categories your brain excels in.
  • Compete with friends with game performance and brain-maps.
  • Cognitive training with Cambridge University, NYU and what not.
  • Over 45 brain games.
  • Personalized brain training workouts.
  • Access Peak Advanced training modules.

3. Lumosity Lumosity: Brain Games & Cognitive Training App


Lumosity’s a fascinating brain training program that has the perfect chemistry of fun and interactive severe puzzle solving. It helps keep the mind active.

Lumosity has over 90 million players across the globe. It’s merely an educational game for adults and kids, and it offers up-to 40 engaging games designed to put your memory, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking into the test. Start right away; train your brain today! Challenge core cognitive and academic capacity with the following modes.

Lumosity Key features:-

  • Math games.
  • Puzzle games.
  • Memory games.
  • Logic games.
  • Critical thinking games.
  • Problem-solving games.
  • Word and vocabulary games.

4. Brain Dots

1 brain dots

Brain Dots has over 35 million downloads! Bump two balls right away!

Brain Dots Key Features:-

  • Bump the two balls –make the red and blue balls bump.
  • Simple rules to follow through.
  • Collection of Pens –over 25 varieties of pens with many sizes and colors.
  • Share the moment with friends.
  • Test your brain abilities.
  • Create stages – more than 3 million stages created.
  • 15 languages available

5. A Clockwork Brain

clock brain

Join the millions worldwide who enjoy training their brain with A Clockwork Brain –a series of fun & challenging games. This game is specifically created to test cognitive skills. All puzzles feature bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay and adaptive difficulty, so get ready for a great mental workout!

It doesn’t count whether you’re a health enthusiast or puzzle gamer. If you’ve been in search of a productive yet fun way to kill time, your search ends today.

Clockwork Brain Features:-

  • Seventeen challenging games to help enhance memory, dexterity, attention, languages & reasoning faculty.
  • Get boosted daily and improve cognitive skills.
  • Receive tokens in the long run and unbox unique gaming modes.
  • Boost gameplay as you receive from great Petbots.
  • Customize training is available –free to play against time.
  • Sharpen ten languages.

6.Tricky Test 2 Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain?

tricky test

Tricky Test 2 is one of the most addictive IQ games that are highly enjoyable with friends. Take the quiz and find out the GENIUS brain. Take the cunning test if you think you are.

It’s absolutely a free puzzle game with various tricky brain teasers. Let’s look at the big picture; the goal is not to be tricked. It’s over six million players.

Tricky Test 2 keys feature:-

  • Tap, shake or kiss your phone.
  • Test friend mode.
  • IQ Quiz to test logic and math abilities.
  • 111 breath-taking Brain Teaser.
  • Fun for all ages.

7. Words with FriendsWords With Friends 2 – Word Game

Words with FriendsWords With Friends 2

This Brain exercise game is the most recommended of all. It’s the world’s most popular mobile word game there is. It’s much better than ever as it has a new gaming mode design for word players.

The game is spectacularly and intelligently redesigned as one could play with Friend 2 –more ways to compete with friends.

Play in New single challenge events if you want to boost your word game. It’ll be updated with new themes and opponents twice every month. Jump right in for a fast-paced team if you want a genuine competitive streak.


  • Compete in Lightning round.
  • Train in the solo challenge.
  • Collect unique badges.
  • Access 50,000 new words.

So that’s it! All the top-notch brain exercise games you need to enhance brain power. Do you have other better Brain exercise games? Sure do voice your opinion below in the comment section.



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