It could be annoying most times when you are in a hurry, probably to work and you forget an important document you are supposed to use at the office back there at home. This can really be destabilizing and you won’t forgive yourself if that was supposed to earn you an extra money that day.

We all make such mistakes one time or the other and that’s where Bringrr comes to play a role in reminding you of what you’ve forgotten.

bringrr car charger
Bringrr Car Charger

Bringrr is a small gadget that is stuck to your cars charging port, and also has some tags you would have to attach on items you don’t wish to forget.

Once you place the tag on your items, for instance on your laptop or document, it gets stuck there. Anytime you drive out of a short coverage distance that disconnects your car charger Bringrr gadget from your tag at home, your Bringrr charger would alarm you, letting you know what you forgot. You have to assign various titles to different tags so the gadget gets you the information or item you forgot.

bringrr tag on a backpack
Bringrr tag on a bagpack

Not only does it remind you, it has a proximity search feature that would easily help you find items that you misplaced which have the tag on them, you can make the tags beep from wherever they are fixed to easily help you find the item.

This is one great innovation. Bringrr car charger now goes for $39, while the kits would cost $49 only.

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