Marketing or promoting a business is one of the biggest challenges businesses and businessmen face. However, there are many marketing techniques that can be used to promote a business. Although businesses may have a tight budget, proprietors should invest wisely in promoting their businesses for in doing so, they will definitely have positive results.

Below are the various ways you can promote your business

ways to promote a business


· When consumers make purchases, more often is because they have been influenced by advertisement or by something said to them.

· Many people tend to ask around a certain product before they make purchase.

· Advertisement can be done through social sites, blogging, forums, media, billboards, etc.

Business Cards

· You should give out as many business cards as possible

· They usually have your contacts and customers can call back for enquiries, comments, suggestions and complains.

· They give a professional look to your business.

Providing Discounts

· There’s no single customer who hates discounts.

· It is a form of rewarding customers for doing their purchases in the business

· It ensures they come back for more purchases.


· Brochures usually tell customers more about your business.

· They provide the customer with an opportunity to learn about your products and services.

· They may be handed to the customer by hand or by inserting then in customers’ purchases.


· Often, it is done by using rewards for purchases made to entice customers.

· It also engages people in talking about our business.

· Social sites like Facebook and Twitter work well in promoting such competitions.


· A business should have a website, or at least a blog.

· This help in creating a brand which is easy to find over the internet since most people have access to the net in present day.

· Aim for a clear design that outlines your skill and professionalism.

· Make sure your website/blog can deliver good results.

· It should give as much information as you think is need by customers.


· They include branded calendars, umbrellas, t-shirts and pens.

· These items are cheap to produce and eat only a slice of the budget.

· They are also easy to distribute

· They reach many people at a low cost

Using promotional Videos

· Businesses can use videos as part of their promotional campaign and usually have very positive results.

· Displaying videos on popular websites can be very effective in increasing sales.

· Popular sites like YouTube can also work effectively in video marketing.

Creating a Logo

· Creating a logo increase the credibility of your business.

· It inspires others to advertise for you through word of mouth.

· Logos can be placed in your business cards, business stationary, email signatures, signs, blog, website and brochures.

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Listing your business in popular directories

· Directories such as Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Google Plus Local are very popular and work very effectively in promoting your business.

· A link to your business website and a description of the business should be included in the directory.

Providing quality products and Services

· The business has to provide the best products and services it has to offer.

· It ensures competition is kept at bay

· It ensures that the customers will always come back.

In conclusion, for a business to have positive returns, one needs to invest wisely in marketing strategies that promote his/her business. Even with a tight budget, some of the strategies are relatively cheap and easy to handle. It is therefore, an obligation of any business person to invest in the best promotional strategies suitable for his/her business.

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  1. Well running and starting up a new venture is easy but to sustain and maintain the same is really a tough bread to eat.
    Thanks a lot for this post. Has helped me lot to understand a little of such a big market. 🙂

    Keep updating.: )

  2. I have never found a more complete list elsewhere. One do not necessarily have to use all the methods listed here but i am certain if a few are well implemented and carefully executed, it will bring about improvement to any business. Though different businesses may have different methods that best suits them for promotion, a combination of a few may produce a great result and i must say you have done your research very well in publishing such a detailed post.

    Keep it up and keep sharing the good stuffs…..I really enjoy reading from you…

  3. Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for presenting the condensed post. It serves as a good cheatsheet for promotion. I agree to the statement that every business must have websites or at least blogs. Blogs are proved to be very effective technique to deliver information and build credibility.

  4. i heard that facebook offers a cheap advertising programs. good thing about advertising with facebook is that you have the option to target specific audience

    thanks for the info and keep blogging oscar

  5. Hi Oscar, Great post there buddy. I totally agree that freebies are one of the best techniques which will help you in promoting your business. One great thing about freebies is that people get to test your product and they can provide reviews if there is any improvement required in your product. Nicely compiled article..

  6. Awesome oscar.

    I think brochures, business cards and advertising plays an important role in the promotion of business. So, if I’m the one who would be starting a business, I would concentrate more on these factors.


  7. Traditional marketing techniques still works but in order to tap all avenues, internet marketing should also be considered. For example, a business is a traditional method of networking but it must contain details like email, website and social media accounts. Combining both strategies can help you reach a wider audience.

  8. Hope you covered all the possible techniques to promote the business Oscar 🙂

    I don’t know many of the points, will try to implement some relevant tips for blogging.

    Thanks for the great share 🙂

  9. Now a days it is necessary to apply good marketing approach for any business terms. If your underestimate the strength of marketing, then You definitely failed in your business term. That’s for sure.
    Thanks for spread some impressive article.
    Twitter: @lyutharjacob


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