Netflix is a streaming service that gives people the ability to stream a lot of quality channels, from many devices. The device includes a smartphone, smart TV e.t.c. These channels offer interesting TV shows, movies, sports, news e.t.c


Being a very popular streaming service, Netflix is available in many countries, which leads to a variation in the language offered by Netflix. As a Netflix user in non-English speaking countries, changing your language may be one of the first things you do when you start using the service.

If you currently on your way to changing the language on your Netflix streaming app, this article will guide you. This article contains a tutorial on how to change the language on your Netflix streaming app without stress.

How Do I Change My Netflix Language

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on manage profile
  3. Click on user profile
  4. Click on the drop-down menu and select preferred language
  5. Logout and Login again to save changes
  6. Enjoy Netflix with the language you desire

Okay you have finally change the language setting of your Netflix app and the language setting is set to your preferred language, but there are still channels that do not offer content in your preferred language. This problem can be tackled in two ways, it’s either you check if the channel is available language. In a situation where the channel isn’t available in your channel, the only option left will be to enable subtitles on Netflix.

To enable subtitles in Netflix, Navigate to the channel that airs the program you desire to watch, click on options which are represented by a dialogue box, enable subtitle with the language you desire, resume watching your program.

Follow this guide and you won’t have troubles with switching languages on Netflix again. To change the entire Netflix app language, you will need to edit the language setting. While viewing a program that airs with a language alien to you, you will need to turn on subtitles with your preferred language.

Hope you find this guide helpful. Feel free to share with your friends.


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