Day by day, the rate of data consumption in Nigeria increases and for the service providers, they keep on inflating the price of data plans leaving the most affected internet freaks with no other option than going into research for cheap internet data plans.

After reviewing the data plans offered by Nigeria’s four (4) Major Network Providers (MTN, Airtel, GLO and Etisalat),  I was able to come up the most affordable data plans they provide that can easily serve PC users and also not sidelining the smartphone users who tend to have a higher percentage in the country’s data consumption rate.

Below are the best cheap internet bundle plans for your smartphones and PCs in Nigeria. I’ll list them under subheading of the four major internet service providers.

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Airtel offers the cheapest plans in Nigeria in my view, though they are Blackberry plans, they also work on other devices unlike other network’s. You can get their Unlimited BB data which is capped at 2GB for N1,500 in a 30days validity period by dialing *440*16#.

If this doesn’t work for you, just subscribe an additional 10MB daily data plan just once (goes for N100 – Check their plans here) and you’ll have your BB plan activated. Also, you can get 3GB for Night plan only at N2,500 Naira by dialing *141*12*6# – It also lasts for 30 Days. The Airtel Blackberry plan works on all devices ranging from smartphones to Personal Computers.


MTN offers one affordable plan, though its a night plan, but currently, it works during the day. You can get 4.5GB at a rate of N2,500. The MTN Night plan gives you 3GB for N2,500 with an added bonus of 1.5GB, making it 4.5GB all-together. The 1.5GB is given for day usage and once it gets exhausted, you are automatically switched to the night plan for the remaining 3GB data. You can subscribe to MTN Night plan by sending 102 to 131 in an sms or simply dialing *102#.


GLO internet data plans are actually not cheap, but they are currently on a promo which lets you Enjoy double the data every time you subscribe to “My Phone” Bolt Plan. You now get 1.6GB instead of 800MB when you subscribe to this plan.
Dial *127*55# or send ’55’ to 127 and get double the volume instantly. Plan costs N2,000 for 30 days.


I really would not recommend this service provider for heavy internet users like myself as I don’t find any of their plans that suit me. You can get 200MB for N1,500,now you see what I’m talking. Actually, this is the cheapest on Etisalat.

So far so good. These are the cheapest internet data bundle plans around for smartphone and PC users in Nigeria. Feel free to add any plan you find and think should be added to this post. Your comments are highly welcome and appreciated.


  1. Hi Oscar, this is really nice list, for the airtel 2gb subscription you can also buy 4mb with 50naira to enable the data plan work on your phone by dailing *141*11*9#.

  2. Airtel: BSM to 440(N1200 for 1GB), GLO: dial *777*21# (N1000 = 3GB). For Glo, subscribe with a non-blackberry device and insert d Sim on your phone, change your APN to Works on Android and PC. Airtel and Glo work for me.

  3. Pls clear me,don’t get me wrong,are u saying that if I subscribe for 2gb for it to work both on pc and android I will have to subscribe for a day plan.unlike MTN,once u subscribe,u won’t subscribe another,pls I want to be sure,I don’t want my money to go in vain just like the other day.thanks.u can email me or reply here.


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