It’s been nearly 2 years now since, Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu, (A Lagos-based Technology Entrepreneur, Co-originator/CEO of and brought together a group of youthful and gifted web engineers/Programmers to begin work on a cool thought.

Connecting Fith and Tech With PaySabil

The task was the manner by which to utilize innovation to improve the giving and getting of Sadaqah (deliberate strict gifts) or Zakat (mandatory gift of a specific extent of abundance every year to admirable missions) among Muslims and mosques/noble cause. 

What Paysabil Represent

As for Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu (who is the Chairman of Sabil Technologies Ltd, proprietor of PaySabil), PaySabil utilizes innovation to structure the go-to cash-based and obscure gift assortment framework in numerous spots of love and a good cause.

The stage is dispensing with cash at spots of love accordingly advancing monetary incorporation. 

PaySabil is an innovation app uniting profiled and confirmed mosques and noble causes in one spot through a Mobile and Web App with the goal that Muslims can give Sadaqah or Zakat from anyplace and whenever by quickly tapping buttons on their smartphones.

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The beta version of the PaySabil app was launched a year ago, during the Ramadan season when a large portion of the world was closed down because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The app served as a platform for numerous Muslims with a window to give to their #1 mosques or noble cause during Ramadan without leaving their homes thereby obeying the COVID-19 conventions. 

It is a legal registered app, secure and verified for financial transactions

PaySabil guarantees that all mosques and nobles cause recorded consent to all administrative necessities like having enrollment with the CAC or different bodies, and furthermore working a legitimate record with a bank in Nigeria.

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The app additionally has an exceptionally exacting approval board including 7 prominently qualified college teachers that guarantee all prerequisites are met by the app and the associations recorded. 

Mobile or Web App? The choice is yours to make and use

A year after the release of the beta version, the PaySabil stage is currently the go-to put for present day versatile Muslims to work with credit only/cardless, straightforward, and tranquil moment gifts to spots of love and noble cause in Nigeria. 

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The PaySabil portable App, with more than 2000 downloads in a couple of months, (Download on Google Playstore here; ) has other fascinating and valuable highlights that work on the existence of a cutting edge versatile Muslim.

The web app is safe and richly planned. It is organized in a manner to guarantee quick and smooth registration. It is pretty much as basic as any web based business website. No enrollment is required.

Simply click, choose and give. Basic. When inquired as to whether PaySabil is a Fintech stage, Ibrahim said he trusts PaySabil is to a greater degree a FaithTech stage. We welcome and wish the PaySabil group good luck, as tech meets confidence. 

For additional information about  PaySabil, follow/like PaySabil on its official social media accounts; Twitter handle @paysabil,  Facebook/Instagram @paysabilapp


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