Whether you are a pro blogger or a newbie blogger, we all face the same problem of getting fresh ideas to turn into blog posts our readers would love. As a matter of consistency, generating new blog post ideas has become a part of me and doesn’t seem to be much of a stress to me. You might have wondered why I had to put up the aggressive blogging self challenge and where I was going to source my ideas from. In this article, I will give you various aspects and places you should always look out for blog post ideas to blog on.

how to source fresh blog content ideas

Blogging is an art, if you can master this my little secrets and techniques, you will surely enjoy the benefits it comes with. And guess what, struggling to generate a blog post idea for content would be a thing of the past.

Places To Get Content Ideas To Write When You Run Out of Them

1. Question and Answer Sites

Yes, I mean what I said. I get most of my content ideas from question and answer sites such as Yahoo answers, Ask, Wiki answers and the host of others. I visit various question and answer sites, try to concentrate on my niche related sections, read up questions I see people ask there. If I’m able to answer any of the questions, I make a complimentary blog post that settles the issue, and I then proffer the solution to the questionnaire. Most times, I love to make some keyword research on the question asked,then I make a blog post with a less competitive but large volume traffic keyword in mind.

2. Forums

Niche forums are other places to get ideas to write for your blog. As a matter of fact, I usually take out time to visit forums where my target audience meet, study and find out problems they are usually encounter. Most people create new threads with the questions they wish to ask and I grab the question, make research on them and in turn create blog articles that answer the questions. This is a good source of getting content ideas.

3. Comments On Your Blog

This is one place that always brings me fresh contents ideas now and then. Assuming I write an article on how to get traffic to my blog simply by applying some SEO strategies, and someone asks using the comment if there are ways to get traffic without SEO, that would prompt me to writing a blog post on how to get traffic to your blog using social media or without Google. You now understand what i’m talking about, comment are great sources of content ideas for your blog.

4. Adwords Keyword Tool

Are you wondering how this also create ideas for me to write about? Yes it does, whenever I make keyword research using the adwords keyword tool, it tends to give a whole lot of related keyword and most times, keywords that are not directly related to what i’m currently writing about. I also analyze the accidental keywords I come across, and if I find them to be tempting in terms of search volume, I write a new blog post on it.


Now you have come across my various blog content idea sources, it is time for you to implement this into your blogging style. They sure do work out for me in terms of blog post ideas and I’m sure they also would walk you to success. Feel free to add to the list using our comments. Happy Blogging


  1. A couple of years back i used to dig deep into Yahoo Answers to find post ideas.Now i follow Quora.There is plethora of questions there and you can easily get post ideas by scanning the categories.

  2. Hey Oscar,

    I wonder how on earth you get such interesting wonderful articles from but this has greatly solved that question for me. I don’t yet do this practices but I will soon when I get my own PC like for real o!

    Thanks for the share, boss OF!


  3. Hello,
    I started blogging 2 weeks ago. I like your site. You have been blogging for over 2 years, but your page rank show 1 out of 10. it’s not good enough, you haven’t fully optimized your offsite channels. Feel free to send me an email for more tips.

    • Thanks for your advise Wilson. But PR plays no role in my SE traffic and in regards contextual earnings. I don’t have to worry much about it since it’s irrelevant these days in terms of SEO. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Hi Iniabasi,
      Thanks for the compliment. Reading and writing is the key to improving your blog content, just don’t give a break, learn and practice and that’s it. Feel free to reach me if need be.

  4. Seriously im grateful…merci beaucoup..j’apprecie..I think I would need your help…I have some questions dying for answers…

  5. Nice one merci beaucoup…. was kind of confused…but I still have few questions dying for answers… please…sil vous plait….can you help out…


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