You don’t need to be a professionally trained graphic designer or drop a lot of cash to ensure your brand looks like a million bucks. Hiring an advertising agency or a graphic design company is always the way to go, but if you’re up for it and you think you can cope with the challenge, you can try to design your logo and brand using graphic design software.

Graphic design software is used for producing designs. This software lets you draw anything you want digitally. Your imagination and creativity only limit you. Asides were altering or creating creative logos; this tool allows you to work on the text, images or any other form of the graphic to produce a print. Advertisements, brochures, magazines, postcards e.t.c are included as well.

CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator – are the software designers often talk about as regards graphics designing. Discussions sometimes center on which one they prefer, why they prefer it and which of the 2 is better. Here we break it down and let you find out Corel Draw Vs. Illustrator: Which is better?:

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1. Compatibility:

CorelDraw is known to be very useful with windows but they are yet to port their software for MAC OS, and that is a significant reason why it is less popular than the Adobe Illustrator. However, a lot of users have said that CorelDraw is more efficient if its all down to exporting designs as it caters for also shipping files in .eps, .ai, .psd, .pdf formats. This is considered more useful than illustrator who has no export/save provisions to .cdr. In a country like Bollywood, I mean India, the majority of the designers and print shops make use of CorelDraw.

Also, When it comes to changing its interface, CorelDraw achieves that to a greater extent than Illustrator. While Adobe had Windows and MAC OS users in mind when the software was created, it has aided them to make this tool popularly-known and of the required quality. In most countries, Adobe leads in sales and services where MAC OS is widely used.

It might lack the option to export in .cdr format, but the way and manner in which cross-platforming is super easy can serve as compensation. This makes it easy to move to and fro between software like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and so on.

2. Workflow:

CorelDraw changes the interface according to what suits the user. Several designers have mentioned that the default shortcuts and interface of CorelDraw are much quicker and simple-to-use than Illustrator. Although when it comes to engaging various software at the same time, Illustrator wins.

Its compelling integration of several apps that comes with the creative cloud ensures this. Most times, customers have to work on different levels and creative cloud to solve the issue efficiently and aptly. What they both agree on is their sharp learning curve as regards workflow.


3. Pricing:

If we are talking about the cost of purchasing a license, then CorelDraw takes this. It provides users with monthly subscription at almost half the price of Illustrator. It also allows you to purchase the software without paying a dime for monthly subscription fees. Illustrator offers nothing close to that with their cloud or standalone apps. As soon as Illustrator altered its pricing policy introducing creative cloud monthly subscription, lots of users were unhappy. It became very costly that freelancers and agencies began to stay away. As a freelancer, it was obvious that paying that much money would be tough.

4. Features:

Since users of Illustrator are rampant, there are several resources and templates for the complete beginner. CorelDraw is very effective if we’re talking end products like engraving or signs while Illustrator concentrates on Raw design features. CorelDraw has more features when it comes to designing for web and print use. Check this out, some designers have reviewed that Illustrator delivers better results.

having read through this article Corel draw vs illustrator, I guess you might have understood the reason one of this software is better than the other. Your opinion may vary from ours. So if you have different views, supporting why one of them us better than the other, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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