You look at a pure profile on one of the numerous dating sites and imagine possible prospects for a new relationship. There are so many questions in your head. How can you become attractive for potential candidates and draw attention to yourself?  Have you ever stopped to wonder if there’s anything you might be doing wrong that would scare a potential date just by checking out your profile?

How To Fil an Online Dating Profile

Most people on the internet seem to believe that photos represent everything on the internet. As much as I believe that pictures say a thousand word, it might not be enough criteria to attract the opposite sex when it comes to dating sites on the internet. Photos certainly are quite important and would make a right choice to attract attention. However, its significance is greatly exaggerated.

There are some things you might not understand that can scare more than a lack of a profile photo when meeting online. There are some tips on how to fill in your profile correctly and draw attention to yourself. In addition, you will find out about the things, which can scare a potential partner before the very beginning.

Below are some don’ts when it comes to filling in your profile picture.

Profile Don’ts for Dating Sites

1. Excessive Narcissism

What is narcissism you might want to ask. This is the excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Once you begin to fall for this, as it would definitely “shout out” from your profile and would of course not attract potential partners and sure will alienate you from the very beginning.

2. Illiteracy

In real life, you can hide an uneasy relationship with the language rules, but it comes to dating sites and you wish you look attractive, your command of the preferred language of communication definitely plays a vital role.

I have often ended chats with several people because they couldn’t communicate properly. One thing I have noticed about the dating sites is the fact that communication tend to act like the clothes in real life for the online world.

One tip to get a hang of the online dating sites is to put your thoughts in order, read and check the text before you send. Do not forget to avoid an excessive amount of the hackneyed phrases in the profile. This is another common mistake.

3. Negative Mood

Are you a baggage of negativities? Then don’t at least take it to your best dating site. Suffering and despondency as some would say, are more suitable for teenagers than for adult people, who are trying to build strong and happy relationships. Do you want to attract the attention of potential partners and make your profile attractive? Try to stay on the positive wave. This will attract people in real life and on the Internet.

4. Lack of Enough Information on Your Profile.

You even cannot imagine how many users will close the profile, which lacks information. You might do the same thing from time to time. Brevity does not protect against dullness, especially while dating on the Internet. Try to allow time, tell about yourself in details as much as possible, and write about your hobbies, personal qualities and dreams (within reasonable limits, of course).

While doing this also keep in mind point one above, it’s your profile though, and should be all about you, just don’t over do it.

What Photos Should be Avoided  on Dating Sites?

Despite the fact that some users of dating sites will be ready to start communicating without seeing your photo, you have to upload it eventually. Below are how to prevent some random profile picture choice mistakes and how to choose the perfect photo.

1. Party Photos

More than half of the potential partners will not continue your acquaintance if they see numerous photos from parties, where you are drunk, openly dressed or communicate too closely with the opposite sex.

2. Too Explicit Photos

Do not try to attract attention with explicit photos in the profile. This for sure wouldn’t work and isn’t going to start working with you.

3. Sunglasses

You might look cool in that sunglass, but do you think people are actually here to see how cool you look in shades on a social dating site. Nah, anyone interested in talking to you really wants to know the real you, so a nice profile picture without those shades wouldn’t hurt.

4. Misuse of Photoshop

Yeah you read that right. Are you that person that would pass all your photos through Instagram filters before the world gets to see you? Well this isn’t the right time to get it done. Photoshop and other photo processing programs, of course, are capable of performing miracles, but if there are too many miracles, this will scare possible partners away.

Collages, overexposed images, bright filters and photomontage will force users to close your profile forever. lol.

I hope you did enjoy the read and have learnt a couple of ways to and not to fill update your profile on a dating site. Feel free to let me know other points I might have missed out on using the comment section below.



  1. There really are a surprising number of things you can do to help improve the chances of your online dating profile being a success. In particular, I like that the article brings up illiteracy and how it can be a huge issue for any profile. Personally I tend to stay away from profiles with lots of grammar and spelling mistakes because, for me, it shows a general lack of care that the person had when it came to writing their profile in the first place.


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