If you bank with Diamond and haven’t started using the internet banking platform, you definitely need to consider having the Diamond Bank mobile app installed on any of your smart devices as it’s a robust internet banking platform that allows Diamond bank customers perform several forms of banking and financial transactions online.

With the use of the Diamond Bank Mobile App, users can perform internet banking from the comforts of their homes in a secure, fast and timely manner.

Diamond Bank Internet Banking and Mobile App

If you are a Diamond bank account holder and want to know more about the Diamond Bank Internet Banking platform, how to download and use the latest Diamond Bank mobile app, then this article has been perfectly put together for you.

What is Diamond Bank Mobile App?

According to the official post at the Diamond Bank’s Website, it is stated that “With over 2 million users, the Diamond Mobile App allows users access their accounts for various financial transactions. With the App, customers can conduct their business from the comfort of their homes in a secure, fast and convenient way.”

What can I do with the Diamond Bank mobile app?

There are a whole lot of features and things you can do with the Diamond bank mobile app which include

  • Foreign Currency Transfer (Local and International)
  • Search, book and Pay for International and Local flights
  • Funds Transfer within and outside Diamond Bank
  • eSUSU
  • Self Service
  • Touch ID for iOS devices
  • Debit Card Registration
  • Self-Registration on a New Device
  • Diamond Money Transfer using the diamond bank transfer code
  • Account statement request
  • Airtime Top-up using the diamond bank airtime recharge code
  • Bills payments (over 40Bills)
  • Blackberry BIS Subscription
  • Cheque services (Stop Cheque, confirm Cheque and New Cheque request)
  • Switch on/Off Debit cards
  • Credit card repayments
  • Events and Movie Tickets Purchase (Movie preview also available)
  • Konga Wallet Top-up
  • App personalization with a Selfie
  • View your BVN

Where can I Download the Diamond Bank Mobile App?

The Diamond Bank Mobile App is available on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows phone and blackberry and can be easily seen in their various app stores.

  • Download Diamond Bank Mobile App for Android on PlayStore
  • Download Diamond Bank Mobile App for iOS on AppStore
  • Download Diamond Bank Mobile App for Blackberry on Appworld
  • Download Diamond Bank Mobile App for Windows Phones on Microsoft store

How Do You Use Diamond Bank Mobile App

As stated above, there are a couple of banking transactions you can use your Diamond Bank mobile app for, and below is how to use the diamond bank mobile app. But first off, you’d have to register your account on the app.

How to Register on the Diamond Bank mobile app

Below are steps to registering on the diamond bank internet mobile app.

  • Launch the app and click on Register
  • Click on Agree to accept terms at the top right corner of the app.
  • Input your Diamond User ID or your 16 digit Diamond Debit Card Number.
  • Once you open the app for the first time, you would be asked to Input your account number.
  • Click submit.

Now a registration code would immediately be sent to your phone number via SMS, including your User ID. Copy it off your device and let’s move to the next phase of the registration.

  • Input the registration code
  • Click submit.
  • Type in a password for the account.
  • Type in a four-digit pin for confirming any transaction.
  • Click submit.

There you have. You can now make use of the Internet Banking ID and Password to log into the Diamond mobile app while the four-digit PIN would be used to confirm your banking transactions.

How do I recover my password for Diamond Bank mobile app

Have you forgotten your mobile app’s account password? Here’s how to recover it.

  • Visit https://diamondonline.diamondbank.com/web/guest/login-page
  • Click On “Request Or Forgot Password”
  • Fill the form
  • Select “Send New Password”

And you should get your password sent to you via SMS.

Basically, this post has covered all there is to know about the Diamond Bank internet banking platform, how to download the Diamond Bank Mobile App and more so, things you can do with the mobile banking app. 

Feel free to throw in your questions in the comments if there’s anything else you’d love to know about the Diamond mobile app.

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