For sure, most internet users in Nigeria stick to Guaranty Trust Bank for their online payments and businesses. I even recently made a post on how you can easily verify your Nigerian Paypal account using GTBank MasterCard, but their is now good news for Diamond Bank users also.

paypal accepts diamond visa cards

I was going through my mails yesterday when I noticed a mail from Diamond Bank letting me know I could now use my Diamond Bank Visa Card to verify a Paypal account. Are you kidding me? That’s good news. Here is what the mail read.

Dear Oscar Steve Frank,

Did you know that your Diamond Visa debit and credit cards are now accepted for payments on PayPal? Now you can shop anywhere from millions of international online stores and pay with your Diamond debit/credit cards.

To pay with your cards, simply go to and follow these simple steps:

  • Input your preferred email address
  • Enter a suitable password
  • Fill in your 1st middle and last name, Date of birth, nationality and address.
  • Your valid phone number will also be required
  • Click on the *link card* button (this enables you link your card to the website so you do not have to always input your card details while making payments)
  • Input your card number, expiry date and CV2 number (the three numbers at the back of your card)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Confirm your email address by inputting the characters displayed and submit.
  • You can now go to your favorite online store, click on PayPal during checkout and follow the steps to complete your order.

So go on, register your Diamond Visa card now and start shopping!!!

This is actually a great news down here. What do you think? What not try creating a Paypal account and get it verified with your Diamond Visa Card now. Hope to reading from you in the comment section. 🙂


  1. Firstbank acc holders can do theirs via firstbank on platform https://
    other bank customers can check their bank web site or do a google search for any development.
    Thanks Oscar for the update.

  2. Oscar..
    Tring to link by Gtb bank, this is wat i got as error –
    The bank that issued your card didn’t
    approve this transaction. Please contact
    the card issuer.s customer service
    department if you have any questions. Or
    you can add a different card now to
    pls, help

  3. oscar,pls ….. i cant witdraw from fiverr with my paypal acct,does it mean dat nigerians cant use paypal to make withdrawals except payments?

  4. My diamond visa card is always declined when ever i use it in the link a card.its giving me hard time.they savings because am having a savings fact i cant use it for other payment like in aliexpress and so on.they always say my issuer does not approve the far away from home and i only visit my place during public holidays.i find it difficult to go to bank. need helppppppp!

  5. It’s all very stupid still… We cannot receive payment to the so called verified account on PayPal, so what is the need for having one? Racism!!!!!

  6. why is diamond bank declined on paypal please can you help it was showing that my card was decline and they ask me to contack my bank whats going on


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