A smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch and they usually would feature a touchscreen interface for interaction.

Most smartwatches require connectivity from a smartphone for operation, this connectivity usually facilitates their ability to surf the internet, make calls and receive calls. So basically a smartwatch is an extension of your smartphone, be it Android Or iOS.

Being an extension of your smartphone, questions have risen, pertaining to the importance of smartwatches, are they really necessary accessories?

In this article, I am going to be giving reasons why having a smartwatch is very imperative in 2018.


Being an extension of a smartphone, the main aim behind the creation of smartwatches is to make mobility better. Most of the little tasks you require your phone for frequently. Can be carried out using your smartwatch, as long as it is paired with your Smartphone.

Take, for example, if you are on a journey to a strange palace, requiring you to use global positioning system, you won’t have to pull out your phone and constantly stare at it as you walk or drive. You can easily tell you route by looking at your smartwatch, it’s just as easy as checking the time on your normal digital or analogue watch.

This article, speaks more about how smartwatches have made us less reliant on smartphones, the usefulness of smartwatches in general.

Advantages Of Using A Smartwatch

1. A smartwatch does a better Job in Tracking Your Health

Health tracking has over the years become a big part of smartphones, owing to its importance in the life of people.
Samsung and Apple have over the years been the frontier of this project. Since the days of the Samsung Galaxy S5, we have continually seen heart rate sensors being featured on Samsung Galaxy devices.


Though featuring heart rate sensors on smarphones feels so convenient, it is actually better to have them on your wrist, owing to how auick it is to check it on your smartwatch
Imagine monitoring your health rate becomes as easy as checking the time on your smartwatch, that’s the kind of luxury smartwatches like the Samsung Gear S3 and the Apple watch series 3 promises.

You won’t have to pull out your smartphone when running or in a meeting just to monitor your health.
The new Apple watch series 3 even has a sensor, that senses when people fall. This can come in handy, in monitoring our elderly ones at home.

It’s very easy for elderly ones to forget their Smartphones, but putting on a smartwatch is something they wouldn’t forget so easily. So it a good way to keep eye on them.

2. Checking Notifications Is Easier

The main function of smartphones is communication, hence we get a lot of call, text and instant text notifications very often on a daily basis.

Being an extension of your smartphone, notifications on your smartphones can be treated on your smartwatch, be it answering of calls, quick replies to text and instant message replies, all can be done from your smartwatch.


Imagine a scenario where your wife sends you a message asking if you took her car keys, simply because she cannot find them. Unfortunately, you are in a meeting. Bringing out your smartphone to make a quick reply will look sell you out.
But with you smartwatch, you can immediately make quick taps and your reply is sent. Anybody looking at you will feel you ate just checking time, but you actually sent a message.
Modern smartwatches usually feature short replies for messages, so sending such replies won’t be a hassle at all.

3. Using GPS Becomes Easier

Using GPS ( Global positioning System) is something most people do when they are on a journey to a starnge place, normally people login in to their GPS app using their smartphones.

With the emergence of smartwatches, making use of GPS just became easier. You won’t have to keep starring at your smartphone. All you need to do is stare at your smartwatche at regular intervals.


Driving or walking using GPS on your smartwatch is a very easy to do, it is less distracting, especially when driving.

4. Smartwatches Are Good For Fitness Trackers

Just the way smartphones were designed mainly for making calls, smartwatches are designed mainly for fitness, their main purpose is fitness. Infact the features that facilities the name smartwatch is gotten from it’s ability to track fitness.


Modern smartwatches like Apple watch series 3, Samsung Gear S3, Fitbit e.t.c can conveniently measure foot step, remind you to do your excersise and lots more.

4. Smartwatches Will Make Your Smartphone Batteries Last Longer

After you must have adapted to making use of your smartwatches, in place of your smartphone for basics tasks, you tend to make use of your smartphone in fewer occasions.
This way your battery will last longer. You should also note that modern smartwatches have exceptionally long lasting battery life, So you have enough juice for the day.


If you read through the article, you must have noticed that we kept hammering on how smartwatches can assist your smartphone by acting as an extension that can easily be reached.

Smartwatches can’t replace our smartphones, but they are very essential for those who desire to enjoy the ease smartwatches bring to performing basic tasks.



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