Wow! Flowing Tech Blog brings you good news.
What’s this good news? “Instagram For Android Devices”.
What is Instagram?
Instagram is an online social networking site where you share your pictures and videos and more.

Why you need instagram, You need instagram helps to take your pictures, add a customized filter, and post it to Instagram community or through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Tumblr. And also through the Instagram app, you can give “likes” and give or receive comments on your pictures. Wow i just forgot one nice feature of this Instagram app, it also has a Facebook-stylefeed, in which you can view all the photos uploaded by yourself and the people who you followed, it doesn’t really matter if you are on Instagram both currently and recently and also a long time ago. The Android latest version of Instagram allows you to tag special people in the photos you currently uploaded, in much the same way as you would with Facebook social network, which will then show up in their Instagram feed. This Instagram supports geo-tagging so you can add your location and see where others took their uploaded pictures, “Great feature”

Instagram filters are numereous they include (Lomo-fi, Earlybird, Lily, Apollo, Nashville, 1977 and so many) with different color, brightness and lighting effects. So we advise you choose carefully, there you can obtain a remarkable results. This Instagram also includes support for videos, allowing you to capture up-to 15 seconds of footage to share via the Instagram network. With this taken photos, you can choose from a range of effects to apply to your videos for you to get a more complex and good looking video which might even be the next raining video.
Do you think instagram Is complicated?
Well if you think the Instagram app is very hard to operate and also it is an usual app but the greatest suprised it is very easy to navigate. The icons which is being located at the bottom of the interface represents the different features of Instagram: the photo feed, photo/user search, photo capture, news feed i.e the recent activity on the network from you and those you followed earlier, and profile settings. When viewing pictures on your profile you can choose to display as a list or as a series of tiles for easy navigation. The presentation of the photos themselves in the photo feed is very clear, and likes and comments are shown underneath each picture. You can like or comment on a photo with a single click of an icon. However, though opening the full screen isn’t possible (i.e. you can only see them within the feed).
In Applying filters and also retouching your photos in Instagram has been tend to be simple thing throughout. Do You also know that you can snap an image through the app? or you are allowed to choose one from your phone and view the live previews of what each effect will look like. Cropping and editing effects are basic but easy to apply and preview.
There’s also a handy image straightening feature that initially enables you to re correct pictures that were taken at a jaunty angle, i.e when you are not balanced well. But one disadvantage to this is that there is no Undo feature in Instagram’s editor, so if you make a mistake you have to start editing it afresh.
And also this Instagram app makes it easy to apply fun effects to your photos and share them with your friends. Although it requires you to sign-up to share images, the possibilities of pictures are vast.

I hope with all i’ve thrown light on all Android Users will really want to download the App, To download this wonderful Instagram app need to click HERE though this app doesn’t work on all Android Devices, if it doesn’t download on your Android device just keep calm because soon i will be giving a tutorial to download it there. Don’t miss it.


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