Part of the characteristics of a technologically developing world is the availability of technological gadgets to all age groups and also to the masses who were not able to afford it before. The widespread technological gadgets are attributed to the roles they play in our individual lives. Sometimes these roles can be both positive and negative. In this article, we are going to look at a list of positive and negative effects of mobile phones on students.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones On Students

Positive And Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones On Students

1. Convenience

Decades ago, smart mobile phones were not as handy as they are nowadays, so students depended on desktop computers in the library to get on with things. This slowed down fast and meaningful classroom research. Mobile phones today are simple to move around with, incorporating all types of modern technology.

2. Ease Of Access To Info And Tech

Learning still continues after the classroom. These phones aid students to have live info and updates as they go about their academic lives. Student engagement is better when technology-driven tools are partnered with to aid learning and not the old school methods. Most modern techs are innovative to keep up with the current technology era.

3. Improved Security and emergency communication

Students can make use of their mobile devices to inform their parents and guardians of their current location. Parents can now monitor the whereabouts of their kids and it aids the reduction of the workloads of administrative staff who would’ve been called to transfer messages from parents to their wards.

4. Social-tainment

These mobile devices entertain students. They use it to take a break from all their academic work while they relax with good movies or music. Games can also be played on it or even surfing of the web.

5. Memory

During class work, these smartphones are useful for taking pictures of difficult diagrams, live record explanations from teachers e.t.c.

This aids the students to go back to the stored information at the right time. It wouldn’t have been possible without a mobile phone.

6. Communication

Self-explanatory. It can be used to relay information between two or more persons at any given time.

7. Adaptation To A Modern World

Students that make use of this device aid themselves to be familiar with modern skills. Since mobile phones are key in several careers, students with phones are granted an edge in the job market.

8. Helps You Organise Yourself

Tools like alarms, dictionary, calendar, encyclopedia, notes, watch are key to making this a possibility. It makes life easy for students.

9. Navigation

Map applications on mobile phones let you get to any location whenever you want.

10. A Delighted Student

These students are happier when their smartphones are by their side. And a grad student will most likely excel in school.

 Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones On Students

1. Distraction

While the phones are very useful, they can come with their own distractions. Some students make use of these handsets during class or study hours, hence no time to read. The internet, music, movies, Snapchat, Instagram e.t.c. aid this distraction.

2. Exposure To Wrong Contents

I’m talking students that end up sexting, sharing nude pictures, or gaining access to a porn-site all in the name of having fun with their phones.

3. Health Risk

Studies have been released to talk about the connection between radiation emitted from the device and chronic health diseases like cancer and brain tumor. Sleep deprivation from phone usage is also a cause of stress, which eventually affects your health.

4. Cyberbullying

Name calling, Threats, Body shaming still go on online. Students are exposed to this and it can end up having a negative effect on whoever is involved.

5. Examination Malpractice

Answers that should come straight from the student’s brain can come from his or her phone. Every school does not condone malpractice, so such a student can be expelled, hence, the child’s education is affected.

6. Cost Of Purchase

Most phones are sold at a very high price and most students do everything possible to be able to afford them. Even if it requires involving themselves in stealing to make that happen. Data subscription is sometimes costly as well, which is a burden on these kids.

7. Reduction In Social Skills

It dampens socialization. Students that live the me-and-my-phone life rarely have time for friends.

They prefer to remain secluded with their cell phones and be disconnected from everything else. This makes them anti-social, which is not the best.

8. Security Issues

Hackers of this world present this risk student are exposed to.

9. Wrong Educational Resources

The internet is free for all, it is impossible to ensure all educational resources seen online are right and legit. Students are exposed to a lot of these wrong and false information.

10. Accident

This is the unfortunate disaster students can meet with when they text, call and drive at the same time. Or even when they text, call and chat when a reckless driver is nearby.

There you have it – you have just been served with a comprehensive list of positive and negative effects of mobile phones on students. Do you think the positive effects outweighs the negative effects? Or is your opinion otherwise? let us know in the comment section below. we would love to hear from you.



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