Like most industries, the sports market is highly disrupted by cultural changes and technological advancements. As such, how sports executives are capitalizing on the industry changes is shaping up different trends in different sectors, including sports app development and marketing. Here are the top trends to watch out for in 2019.

Best Sporting Apps

1. Virtual & Augmented Reality

As technology advances, it’s becoming more challenging to keep the fans engaged. As such, any lull during the game makes the fans for diverting their attention elsewhere on their phone, choosing to consume content from elsewhere. However, the rise in integration of VR and AR is transforming the customer experience and giving fans the chance to get closer to their favorite athletes.

The technology allows the users to access a wealth of data from a single platform, though some of the kinks still need more work for now. Nonetheless, virtual and augmented reality are of great value, coming at a time when customer-experience is vital in app development.

2. Live Streaming

Live game streaming is considered to be the icing on the cake on any sports app. The users have an opportunity to watch their favorite teams playing, making it easy to follow a game while away from your TV screen. Those who also place wagers with the Betway app available at also appreciate this feature since they can easily wager on live games.

3. Offline Mode

Though more and more people get access to the internet daily, not everyone has an active connection all day long. That’s why leading sports app developers are all creating their apps with an offline mode that allow the users to access some features without an internet connection. That’s an advantage for an app it’s more convenient for the users.

4. Newsfeed

Sports app providers are starting to realize the benefits of having a news feed in the application. The Newsfeed is a smart way to keep the users engaged and constantly interested in the app. Various apps are also implementing push notifications, ensuring that no user misses the news when they’re published.

5. Notification

Be it SMS or push notifications, the users can be able to stay updated with all the crucial sports events. That’s because it can be quite painful for a true sports fan to miss a game featuring his favorite player or team because of being caught up with other tasks.

6. Chat

The chat feature has become a largely spread trend in different industries. This feature is essential when it comes to communicating with both the support team and other users on the app. In fact, some leading sports apps on the market will allow you to share the latest sports news and discuss sports events or athletes.

7. Social Media Integration

In the modern world, social media forms an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. That’s why most app developers are finding it necessary to integrate this element into their applications. That allows the users to share impressions on their favorite games and sports teams in a way that’s familiar to them – through social media.


With mobile app development technology continually improving every year, you can expect to see many more trends with your favorite app. As such, app creators will need an experienced development team and powerful marketing to conquer the top sports apps on the market.


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