It was made know to the public yesterday that Facebook had hash tags as part of the new features to roll out in few weeks or a month, but guess what, It has been implemented on Facebook.

facebook hash tag like twitter

I was making a post in a Facebook group and then decided to add a # sign in front of a word, it automatically was turned into a link. The hash tag feature already existed a long time ago on twitter, and the Facebook Team thinks implementing it into the largest network would go a long way in making search easier. Not only would it be added to facebook, users would be given the right to set who sees their hash tags just like you have control over your status updates.

Facebook Team also made mention of adding the Trending # hash tag feature which is available on twitter into their social network.

One good thing about the hash tag to we blogger would be a lot of traffic, I made a post on how to use twitter hash tags to get a lot of traffic to your blog, and therefore the facebook hash tag would not be an exception.

I hope you love these new features (the hash tag and trending hash) added to Facebook, or what do you think?



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