We sure over the years have yearned for a dislike button alongside the popular “Like” button, but of course, it was obvious that that wasn’t gonna happen simply for the fact that you might feel sad about someone’s update and yet not want to hit the DisLike button on that. It’s no news that Facebook after a long while working on our plea introduced other reaction buttons besides the “Like” button we’ve been used to, of which included “Love, Wow, Haha, Sad & Angry” buttons. You get to see them when you hover over the Like button (on Desktop) or press and hold the Like button on mobile.

Facebook Missed out some reaction buttons too

These buttons are quite amazing as we can now express empathy through them, but I was wondering why a couple of reactions were left out, in fact reaction buttons which would have made Facebook more fun were obviously missed out and I decided to make a list of my thoughts below. I hope you enjoy the list.

1. Yawn (So Boring)

You're so Boring

Tell me you haven’t come across updates on Facebook that were so boring and in fact made you yawn and I wouldn’t believe you are saying anything close to the truth. Wouldn’t it have been great to have a “Yawn” reaction button to this effect?

2. Are You Crazy

Are You Crazy
Would you say that lady that drags everything that happens to her in a day down to Facebook for her Virtual Friends and the whole world to see is alright? I think a reaction button to ask them directly “Are You Crazy” would fit in here perfectly.

3. Indifferent

I'm being Indifferent

Of course there are certain updates you wouldn’t say you like, that also doesn’t mean you dislike, feel Sad or Angry about them either. Wanting to associate with the update, knowing that hitting the Like button wouldn’t exactly translate exactly how you feel, an “Indifferent” reaction button would do the magic.

4. I’m Not Listening

I'm not Listening Reaction button

Of course we all have this feeling that some updates do not deserve our attention, but at the same time we wish to let the poster know how we feel. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a button to relate it to them. I think an “I’m Not Listening” reaction button would be perfect for this course.

Those are the top 4 reaction buttons I think were obviously missed out. Now it’s your turn, let us know what reaction buttons you would have loved to see on Facebook.


    • Hi Larry,
      I guess using the “Angry” reaction button perfectly fits in annoying post. A “Dislike” button would have seemed somewhat out of place in my opinion though, or don’t you think so too.
      Anyways, thanks for taking out time to read this post. 🙂


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