Facebook, the worlds largest social portal has decided to conquer Russia by going into partnership with Russia’s largest search engine known as Yandex, in order to allow indexing of Facebook post and make them appear to Yandex users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

This is a strategy that would help expose Facebook to a whole lot set of new subscribers since a new set of individuals would be able to see related results for queries they search appear from the Facebook’s domain.
facebook partners with yandex

This plan is all in a bid to beat the country’s Facebook clone social network (as it is often called) Vkontakte.

The search results will only incorporate public Facebook posts: private posts and comments will not be searchable. According to our sources, this new feature is already available to Yandex users in all the countries mentioned above, with the exception of Turkey.

Rumors also have it that Yandex is secretly building a search app for Facebook under the codename Wonder.

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