Mozilla Firefox fans would really appreciate the popular web browser for bringing the Firefox 29 for both mobile and web browser to them.

Though there isn’t much features rolled out for the mobile version of the browser, the Web version now looks much like Google Chrome browser. As you can see from the image below, the Mozilla Firefox 29 version now adopts the Chrome menu button.

firefox 29 menu

As they are known for, the address bar and search bar still remain separate unlike the chrome browser where all are in one, and search suggestion has been added to Bing if you set it as your default search engine.

Firefox Sync has been given more prominence in this update, and it’s now easier to sync your bookmarks, history and saved passwords across devices.

Here is a video to get you acquainted with whats new in this version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

If you need fresh installs of the Firefox 29 browser, get Web Version Here and for Android Here.



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