Are you thinking of purchasing UK used Iphone in Nigeria or anywhere from a reseller? Be it Iphone 4, Iphone 5, Flagship. There are things you need to consider before puchasing.

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First Three Important Consideration Before you Buy A Fairly Used Iphone 4 or Iphone 5, Flagship

Check Icloud: It,s necessarry you check to see if the iphone is icloud enabled. Incase the phone is stolen the rightful owner can lock the phone at anytime, so it’s adviceable you tell the reseller to remove/disable it, the real deal is that iphone has integrated iphone 7.1 OS update for its smartphone, which introduces, a new iphone functionality, code named the iphone Icloud.

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What Is Icloud? The iphone icloud is Iphone top,best security firm, which makes you lock,restore,erase,delete data on your smartphone,and no one would do so with out your iphone icloud pass key permission. Even if the iphone is restored, flashed, or even hacked, the icloud,remains in the phone,thus making it mandatory to include your password. Another of it’s feature is that you can lock or unlock phone from making/recieving calls or, however an unlocked iphone could be purchased directly from the reseller, but not from the manufacture.

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Check If It’s Locked: like i said earlier if it is locked you can’t make/recieve calls, so it adviseable you check if it’s locked.

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Check If It Accepts Any Simcard: Some Iphones are locked to only a particular sim card, thus not letting you use your own simcards on then so before getting any fairly used Iphone it’s adviseable to checked if it’s locked to one sim card.

The above stated problems are what you consider before buying a fairly used Iphone.


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