Now, that headline isn’t above this post to get page-views as it means every bit of what it says. Yes, soon, you might have to travel for that holiday with an empty suitcase and then download the clothes you need over for use. Don’t you think that would be amazing? Well it’s actually possible now via 3D printing.

Since the inception of 3D printing, we have seen lots of innovations and crazy stuff appear of which 3D in fashion was part of them and here is how it works.

Danit Peleg wearing a 3D printed skirt
Danit in a 3D printed Skirt

All you need do is make the design of the dress you wish to wear on your computer, obviously with this you can make dresses with the exact look you want. And finally you can have your design printed from your home 3D printer (these printers are not as expensive as they used to be in the past).

I know some people might wonder what filaments would be use for cloth printing. First off, filaments are materials that the 3D printer is fed with to make it’s print, just like paper in regular printers. In this case, a material known as FilaFlex seems to be the best filament so far as researched by Danit Peleg. She used this filament in printing the skirt she’s in as shown in the above image.

Here is a video of Peleg explaining the processes involved and how she got this phenomenal breakthrough to happen.

The only downside to this technology for now is that it takes up quite sometime to print a dress, but nonetheless, we know how fast technology takes things, the internet wasn’t this fast 20 years and I believe 3D fashion printing has got a bright future 5 years from now.

Do you think someday, this would replace the regular way we get our clothes. Probably, making your own dresses would be as simple as downloading nice design patterns and printing them from the comfort of your home. What are your views on this?

Other 3D printed clothings
Other 3D printed clothes


  1. It sounds cool but how many Nigerians know how to use a 3d printer…. What am I saying how many Nigerians know what it is… The other day I asked my friend who just graduated from engineering whether he knows how to use it n he was like what’s a 3d printer:O

  2. I was expecting this to end like a joke but it seems serious. This world is really advancing. Before the next century, i don’t know what would have happened.

  3. I don’t know whether to say wow or to say LOL, but seriously that headline funny and I actually thought it was just to get my attention.
    That’s a great advancement in technology.


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