Pokemon is popular globally now. It is definitely one of the most popular gaming franchises and it couldn’t be enjoyed on mobile until recently. The game can be played in 2 ways, the card game, and the classic RPG. To give you all the identical choices you will fancy, check out our list of best games like pokemon for Android.

1. Beastie Bay

This game was developed by Kairosoft and it is also attracting attention pretty fast. It is a mixture of a monster catching game and a sim to keep you occupied. Its simulation will help you to build a city, plant crops and manage all its resources. Players get to storm the wilderness, catch beasts, trade them, and fight with them. It is a freemium game.

2. Bulu Monster

This game has what Pokemon has. Players will have to capture several creatures and then pit them versus other players.

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The game possesses 150 creatures that you will be able to capture and level up. Interaction with other players is possible through online PvP. This game can also be played when you are not online.

3. Clash Royale

Games like pokemon for AndroidThis is another popular card game and it is also closely related to the Pokemon card game. Gamers will be able to build decks from a huge cache of available cards and then they face off vs others that are online. It comes with clean mechanics to help you join up with friends, battle them, lend them card e.t.c.

4. Digimon Heroes

This game and Pokemon started together and their card games are quite similar. Digimon Heroes is the most recent game in the franchise and it is very decent.

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Gamers will be involved in 3-card battles vs other players to confirm who will come out on top. It comes with more than 1000 cards and it is a freemium game.

5. EvoCreo

Games like pokemon for AndroidThis game is like a Pokemon clone. Players will be assigned the task of collecting their monsters, fighting against trainers and finding their way through the storyline. The creators of this game say the campaign will take you close to 40 hours and you will have 130 monsters you will be able to capture and evolve. It is a paid game with in-app purchases.

6. Heartstone

Players will be exposed to several cards that can be used to build various decks to duel with other players online. Every deck that is built will be stored for future purposes and a lot of players manage various decks simultaneously.

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It comes with a brief campaign mode that eases you into the game but most of it happens vs other people. Be aware that your stored files will be connected to your Battle.net account which will let you switch between mobile and PC play seamlessly.

7. MonsterCrafter

Games like pokemon for AndroidThis is another special game like Pokemon. Rather than giving you various monsters to catch, MonsterCrafter allows you to create your own. It makes use of identical graphical style as games like Minecraft which aids a very modular and customizable experience. Players can build their personal creatures and then fight them against other creatures to confirm who can build the best one.

8. Neo Monsters

Still on the topic of best games like pokemon games for Android, Neo monsters, is another game you should check out. This is a dope game that will feel like you are playing Pokemon. Gamers will have to explore 6 different worlds that could take about 60 hours.

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Every world has its personal league that you will need to battle through to be named the ultimate champion. There are 140 optional missions that can be played when you are not online. The mechanics will let you fight against four creatures and have a party at 16.

9. Pokemon TCG Online

This is an actual Pokemon game developed by The Pokemon Company. The game will have players starting things with grass, water, or fire type deck and then building as they go. It comes with simple mechanics, deck customization, and practices matches vs the AI that allows you to improve. Your collections will be expanded by purchasing packs with real money, winning them as prizes, or engaging in an exchange with other players.

10. Pokemon GO

This is the real Pokemon game. It does not get better than this. It was developed 3 years ago and it is a well known mobile game. The game gives you the chance to experience living the life of a Pokemon trainer. You will walk the real world, catch and raise Pokemon as you move. It does not come with a story but it is a valid excuse to storm out of your house.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best games like pokemon for Android. If you have other recommendations feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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