Wow! Right?

Well, you read the title right. I’ve been using this Etisalat plan for quite a long time now to make my heavy downloads since it was cheaper than the Spectranet Plans I usually subscribed to.

Get up to 10GB on Etisalat for N200

It’s quite straight to the point. But before I get you into this cheap Etisalat data bundle plan, take a look at some downloads I made using uTorrent with this plan.

some files I downloaded using uTorrent on Etisalat

That’s over 10GB in downloads all in one night.

The plan I’m about revealing to you works on a timely basis. You pay N15 for every 5 minutes you make use of. Now you can do the maths for N200. Ok, for those who won’t be able to do a simple division , 😉 , that’s a 1 hour 5 minutes (65 minutes) free access to unlimited amount of data just for N200.

How To Activate

It’s simple.

Dial *229*5*7# to activate the Etisalat PayG(as I heard it’s called) plan on your SIM.

Wait for a confirmatory SMS before you start making use of the plan.

Once you connect to the internet using your modems, Mifi devices, phones, tablets or whatever device that’s accessing the web using your activated SIM, your time starts counting and you get a deduction of N15 for every 5 minutes you spend.

To Unsubscribe from this Etisalat plan, dial *229*0# and that’s done.

Please Note: This plan is great in 3G covered regions of the Etisalat network as that’s the reason I could download up to 10GB of data files in 1 hour for just N200.

Hope you love this post. Please do let me know other cheap plans you also make use of on any network in Nigeria. I’ll love to hear from you in the comments.




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