Get set, robots would soon take over the world. Oops! Did I scare you? Well after launching a new version of Google map which can tell where you are going to, Google is currently its newly developed self driven cars – revamped version though (obviously not new). In a report by Google on the performance of the unmanned cars Google said that if a human had not taken over, there likely would have been 13 “contacts” with other vehicles or objects.

According to the report by Google , the cars can also determine the severity of the rain, and just like human drivers they drive more cautiously in wet conditions when roads are slippery and visibility is poor. It also pointed out that for now, it is particularly stormy in California, and the cars automatically pull over and wait until conditions improve. The report also stated that the number of disengagements declined significantly during the period, going from once every 785 miles in the first quarter of testing, to once every 5,318 miles in the most recent.

Google Driverless Cars

Furthermore, the report indicates that Google has not mentioned a few things. When the car sees an accident, Google goes into a great detail as to why the collision occurred and who was at fault. Out of the total 341 total disengagements, 272 were reportedly due to the “failure of autonomous technology”, wherein the company detects a fault of some sort. Though, the company points out that at the moment, Google’s main focus to not to reduce the number of disengagements, but gather as much as data as to possible to improve the self-driving
system respectively.

So will you allow this cars to drive you when finally launched? Let’s read your views.



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