Search engines seesms to be the best way to drive a wholesome traffic to our blogs, aside that, do you know that search engine visitors are potential buyers? Yes they are, they search for a query, and google displays your site for them to eigther purchase a product, or get an information from your blog, they believe that search engines recommends the best information/product so they have almost no fear in purchasing a product from your blog/website as it’s being recommended by search engine.

In todays’ cybersphere, there are a lot of informations around. A lot of people write the same information you have on your blog, they might even write better than you do, and every one is aiming at making their blogs/website rank on google’s first page.

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As you can see, only 10 results are being allowed to display on google’s first page, how can you make you website/blog beat these thousands of websites/blogs, and make google’s first page your home page?

Still on the how to build your blog interview series, here is another visit, Nisha Pandey, all the way from “SEOTechyWorld”, has come over to teach and broading our knowledge on SEO.

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Okay! Let’s proceed to the interview fully.

1. Hi Nisha, welcome to FTB we are so pleased to have you here, please for the sake of my readers, I’ll like you to tell about yourself.

First of all, I want to extend my thanks from the core of my heart to bring me here. This, of course, is my first interview at your blog and I hope to deliver the best of experience to readers.

I am Nisha, a full time blogger and SEO expert too. is my first and personal blog. Here, I love to share my tips and experiences with my readers.

You will come to know me more when you read through the interview coverage.

2. What prompted you to venture into blogging, and how long have you been blogging?

I started my career as a full-time SEO professional who loved doing research and implementing the changing faces of SEO all the time. I did know some blogging platforms and blog submission sites which helped me greatly to acquire quality bakclinks. Some of them were wordpress, blogger, weebly, and Tumblr. The idea of blogging struck me when I used to visit few blogs for guest posting. I kind of wanted to have my own blog then and went ahead and booked my domain SeoTechyWorld in April 2013. I took some time to get attuned with the process and hence it all did not prosper right away. Only when I dived into it seriously in October 2013, the results picked up a path to cherish for. So, you can say that I am into professional blogging for last 1 year.

3. It’s really nice to hear that the result picked up a path to cherish for. How many blogs do you have as at now?

Currently, I am concentrating only on one and that is my first blog SeoTechyWorld.

Oh yes, I do have plan for some of my upcoming projects. One of them is already on the go and that is There are some other projects in the immediate pipeline.

4. You’ve decided to concentrate on SeoTechWorld, can you tell us what you do over there?

My main blog is SEOTechyWorld that is devoted to “World of Internet and Technology”. You can always find tips and tricks on anything related to Internet and Technology.

The interview questions covered below are based on SEO in order to help young bloggers boost their blogs’ visibility on search engines. Shall we proceed?

I don’t remember saying ‘no’ to someone till date.

SEO is categorized into two main parts, (On-Page and Off-Page), so I’ll start from Onpage SEO because, there’s an adage that says charity begins at home.

5. How can you define On-page SEO?

If you look closely at On Page SEO, it basically is the science of managing your content judiciously to grant that friendly thing to your website. Yes, people call it optimization in a more common term these days. This is the basic way to manage your texts, tags, internal links, images, URL structure, headers, other related aspects, etc.

6. What is the first move to On-Page SEO?

I would call it the very first move to be the basic thing that you must do with On-Page SEO. Yes, you should welcome that optimization by choosing suitable keywords and using them prudently on the content pages. Making it anything search-friendly by uploading to your website comes under the act of On-Page SEO.

7. What are the factors to consider while practising On-Page SEO?

Below mentioned are the essential yet very vital On-page optimization components that play a major role in enhancing any website and its presence over the web.

  • Proper Post Title (H1 tags): You cannot really play with the quality here.
  • ALT Tags: You must employ proper ALT tags with targeted keywords.
  • URL structure: You cannot ignore this one of the most important parts in SEO which must contain your main keyword in it. 
  • Meta Description Tag: This one always helps.
  • Keyword Density: The desired density without looking artificial.
  • XML sitemap: You cannot ignore this.
  • Proper Content: Uniqueness and originality have to be deeply respected.
  • Internal Linking Strategy: Link within the website and do so for the related articles only.
  • Proper HTML and CSS validation: Monitoring this helps.
  • Title Tags: Makes the content search-friendly

8. Thanks for giving a list of essential factors that can help us in our On-Page SEO. What is the result of proper On-Page SEO?

The result is apparently dependent on On-Page optimization tactics as it is the essential part when you crave for quality SEO. I would say if you have taken every bit of On-page SEO and you have attained perfection to as close as 70-75%, you then actually have belled the cat. You can then march ahead with Off-page SEO task.

9. What is the result of improper On-Page SEO?

The answer lies in the question itself. You added that prefix “improper” to On-page SEO, right? So, the outcome would surely be improper only such as sudden decrease of your search engine ranking, losing traffic and hence the online presence is affected too.

10. What are the best techniques you use for your On-page SEO?

I give more emphasis on the right keyword research. I make sure the main keyword finds a way in the first paragraph of the post and I play with some alternate yet related keywords within the content. I also never forget to use proper alt tag for the employed images.

Thank’s Nisha, for saying your views on On-Page SEO. Let’s Move Over To Off-Page SEO.

11. How can you define Off-page SEO?

I would define off page SEO well according to its name. You go off the page and whatever optimization you do, it comes under Off-page SEO. Optimization of your website contents has nothing to do here.

12. What is the first move to Off-Page SEO?

The one I was prompted with to start my own blog. Yes, they are guest post submissions and engaging yourself with the commenting on several blogs, article submissions, etc. But yes, they should be related to your niche.

13. What are the factors to consider while practising Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO should not be neglected at any point of time as it comprises of a healthy 30% share of the entire SEO process. The two basic factors that shake the stance of Off-page SEO are: Quality link building and social media presence. You need to have quality on both these aspects to improve your page ranking as well as the presence over the web.
Improving social media presence can be achieved when you make your website popular amid different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, etc. The more active your website is in these platforms, better is your brand value. The search engine algorithm will also nod its head in your favor. Improving the social bookmarking through directory submissions ( and forum posting simply adds ice on the cake.
Forum posting is a great way to encourage Off-page SEO. When you push yourself for more participation in different forums through questions and answers, you actually can anticipate a quality link from the forum to your website. As a result, your page ranking boosts itself up.

14. Thanks for sharing a detailed to consider while practicing Off-Page SEO. What is the result of proper Off-Page SEO?
This is a better way to improve your page rank without breaking a sweat. You absolutely have nothing to do with content management of your site here. You build quality links to your website through above discussed fundamentals, and then Google gives you a cunning yet impressive smile.

15. What is the result of improper Off-Page SEO?

Oh! Not again. These things would make Google angry for palpable reasons. Why do you want to design that shortcut to success when it is never there?

16. What are the best techniques you use for your Off-page seo?

I engage myself with commenting on various blogs and guest postings as much as possible. Yes, I also devote some time towards participation in forums and submission of articles in free hours.

17. On-Page VS Off-Page SEO, which do you think should be considered first?

How can you think of having one side of a coin and yet expect it to sell it hard!

18. Can one do without the other? ie: practicing On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO alone.

You can go little extravagant with Off-page but On-page! No, do not think of that. It is the building block and comes ahead of anything else.

19. Please tell us the easiest method you manage your SEO?

Target right low competitive keywords and unique ones, and always create quality contents. These would do well for your On-page SEO.

Practice commenting on the blogs, do some guest post submissions and you are ready with Off-page SEO.

Bonus Tip: Okay, it seems you are serious to see yourself grow as a successful blogger. You can create your own blogging community through effective commenting on blogs. And do not just do that for backlinking. You focus on relevance, quality, and focused comment that brings sense. That way backlinking comes for free and you build your rapport in the process. Good luck with your endeavors.

20. It’s nice having you on my blog.

Thank you. I feel nicer.

Wrapping It Up:

Nisha has said a lot here about SEO, and I’m sure you’ve soaked up a lot of information here as well.

Do you really want to make google’s first page your homepage, then impliment all that has been said here by Nisha.

Do you know any practise that can boost ones ranking ability? Let us know using the comment box.

Connect With Nisha Pandey

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I think it’s gonna be nice you connect with her, visit her blog and learn more about how to make google’s first page your home page. 🙂


  1. its a wonderful moment with Nisha Pandey.

    She is loaded i can testify..

    Ma’am thanks for this wonderful artilcle…

    Mr Frank keep it up man…

    You guys are trying here…

    My views on this post..

    I think on page seo is the most important..

    Because with that…..your site will be seo friendly….

    And search engine will crawl all your posts..

    On the off page seo….

    Its cool too ….it makes your site more popular and gives it quality backlinks that can rank a blog well…

    Anyhw shaaa..

    Thanks once again for this information..

    • Hi Anyinature,
      It’s good you like this interview, I hope you learnt a thing here as Ma’am Nisha ha’s vomited alot concernong SEO.

      It’s good you shared your thoughts too, and sure On-Page SEO is very essential, aswell Off-page.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the weekend.
      Merry Xmas 🙂

  2. Nice, simple but informative article Nisha. Thumbs up Mr Larry for asking the right questions. I got a question Nisha, when u say posting and commenting on other blogs and forums increase rank, is alexa rank included? Won’t google penalise one’s blog for doing such?

    • Hi Martins,
      Thanks for the kind words, let me give an answer to your question, as Ma’am Nisha had rightly said, blog commenting and guest posting increases your domain authority, as well as pagerank.

      When you comment on a blog, the owner checks your link, and comes back to your blog, remember, all web masters have alexa toolbar installed on their browsers, ao you’ve gotten a visitor that used tool bar to visit your bloe, and remember it’s one of the ranking factors, so it would also go a long way to boost your alexa rank.

      Thanks for you question, hope you’re clearified?
      Merry Xmas 🙂

      • Hi Don,
        Thanks for your kind words.

        Nice question you asked here. Yes, forum postings and blog commenting can increase our SE rankings as well as Alexa ranking. Because, it can increases your traffic which help to build good rank. But, you should not comment for only creating backlinks. Your comment/feedback and forum post should be real, lengthy and quality wise good otherwise Google will count it as spam and penalise your blog.

        Hope, this will help you.
        Thanks for the comment. Have a nice day!

  3. Nisha really has things down on the SEO side of things Larry, loved this interview. By doing such a tidbit of targeting you can do a world of good for yourself and for your targeted audience. I am getting better and better at targeting but I gotta say, it certainly helps to have a nice little primer here, from Nisha, to get me on the straight and narrow. I recently promoted an SEO online course from my friend Matt Capala and as my affiliate sales increase, I gotta say, more folks are getting serious about SEO.

    I admit, i was frustrated by it, then I threw in the towel for a number of years. I felt that it was impossible to do, to reach Page 1 of Google, or Page 2, for that matter, so I gave up when I felt that it was a total impossibility. Later on, after meeting guys like Matt, I learned that it was possible to do SEO right and to drive targeted traffic. It’s like I bought in when I learned what was possible, and that lovely realization helped me target my audience so much more effectively, versus me trying to play a numbers game, or something similar.

    It just plain makes sense to take the time to apply a few basic principles to ensure that an increasing number of targeted, hungry readers and buyers show up to your blog. I am not SEO obsessed yet I’m seeing immediate benefits from doing SEO right. It takes but a few minutes, but the returns are amazing because not only will you be driving targeted, buying traffic to your blog and websites you’ll also be drawing in passive traffic. For me, that means while I’m sleeping in Fiji folks from the USA and all over the world will be finding me through Google, through other search engines and through social media sites. That my friends, is how you craft a freeing, inspired lifestyle.

    LN, appreciate it! I am excited to head back here soon, to read what you have to offer, to share your post and to see what Larry’s up to these days 😉 Appreciate it, and tweeting this bad boy out. Thanks Larry and Nisha!


    • Hi Ryan,
      It’s good to see you here onmy blog, sure NIsha is stuffed, and has vomitted a lot here for us, I never knew you were good at seo too.

      It’s always though and frustrating at the early stage, I’m kust glad you could pass through it.

      Thanks for stopping by and do enjoy the Xmas. 🙂

  4. Hi Larry,

    Its nice to see you interview Nisha here on Flowingtech. I have been following Nisha’s blog now and it certainly is great and obviously so is the person behind that.

    This lengthy article is not just an interview but a mini SEO Guide in itself. In today’s date it is very difficult if not impossible to rank on search engines on the first or second page. You need to have good optimisation of the page in order to be visible enough.

    No wonder SEO experts like Nisha herself have a great role to play year after year Google rolls out an update.

    Another great Interview Larry!

    • Hi Navneet,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, it really seems mini SEO guide. Because, Larry has covered lot of questions here.

      Now, ranking on a first page is not so difficult if you just focus on quality content.

      Thank you so much for stopping by here and at my blog.

      Have fun!

  5. Hi Larry,

    I’ve been seeing Nisha from after joining the ABC community, she was really a seo expert who provides such useful tips and guides.

    Yeah, as Nisha explained, on page is the key to ranking now in the eve of 2015. I think, we don’t even need to do any kind of keyword stuffing. Just placing the keyword on important areas will work. Though a little off page seo is needed to rank on competitive keywords.

    Thanks for interviewing her. All the best to both of you! 🙂

    • Hi Abra,
      It’s good you know Nisha as an SEO expert, and have seen her write on SEO related topics on her blog.

      I agree with you that little of off page seo will be needed by nest year, as google are try as much as they van to eradicate SEO scams, there by displaying quality content on their search engine.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and enjoy the week ahead.
      Merry Xmas 🙂

  6. Hello Larry,

    Nice interview with Nisha. I admire of her writing and new thoughts. This interview is well and good for those who want to know insights of SEO which Nisha had talked most of use full stuff of on-page and off-page SEO tips. One of the proven on page SEO tips to attract 100000 or more visitors to your blogs every day is to use keywords in the beginning of your posts or pages. Isn’t ?

    I ensure and strongly recommend to put your primary keywords in the first 100 words on your articles. Where search engine leads good results.

    I agree to the factors that Nisha, mentioned on-page SEO, And URL mentioned is that Internal and External Links ?

    PS let me know,

    Thank you,

    • Hi Siva,
      Thanks for your spice to this interview, sure putting your keyword in the first paragraph, as it helps search engines find them easily.

      Your question isn’t straight, and I don’t undestand it, you can let me know what you mean by explaining it clearer.
      Thanks and enjoy the week.

  7. Congratulations, Nisha Maam and Larry Sir.
    This interview is really very much helpful for me. Perhaps the interview goes offtrack for me, that is instead of allowing us to know about how you start blogging, how you maintain ………….. bla bla bla !!! like all those stuffs, you simply give me a lots of knowledge about on page SEO and off page SEO.
    So. Thank you Nisha Maam and Larry Sir, its a great initiative.
    Again All the very best Nisha Maam for your new project.
    -Happy Blogging.

  8. Hi Larry and Nisha

    Larry thumbs up for inviting Nisha to share her insight on blogging. She really knows her stuff and I have been following her blog which has enlightened me about SEO and technology.

    Nisha you do reveal some powerful tips on Off-Page and On-Page SEO. You are right about commenting on people’s blog as this is a strategy that never seems to fail. Also you are right about some of the on page optimization elements like Proper Title tags, Alt etc.

    Thanks for sharing your insight. Have a great week.

    • Hi Ikechi,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this interview with Nisha, and it’s good you’ve also learnt somethings from her blog, but mosy of all I’m glad you learnt a thing here from my blog.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Merry Xmas

  9. Hi Lary,

    Nice work bro. I am regular visitor of Nisha’s Blog and she writes brilliantly, Her tips and posts really mean and i have implemented many of those.

    It’s great to see her here. Thanks for sharing !!


    • Hi Ashutosh,
      Nisha is one blogger that is doing very well on her blog, I’m glad that you’ve learnt a thing from her already, and I’m glad that you’ve implimented some already, hope they yeild positive results?

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  10. Hi Nisha, and welcome to Larry’s blog 🙂

    Congratulations on your first interview here I think, just as you mentioned, and it’s always good to read and know our Ahaians anywhere and everywhere. More so, I loved one Ahaian interviewing another – nothing could be better 🙂

    That was a lot about SEO, something I hardly know much of, nor do I try using it too much – I guess have never done it, and so far been doing alright. I don’t even use any software or tools for that matter, other than the Adwords, which again I learnt of sometime back.

    Yes, the basics one needs to do so that your posts can rank in the search engines, though I’ve come across so many blogs (some of my posts too!) that rank without it too!! And they are on Google’s 1st and 2nd pages – wonder how that’s done!

    Nevertheless, being natural and writing for your readers is what I believe in, and if you can sprinkle a little variation of your keywords, well and good, or else Google itself picks up so many words and makes them as keywords too, many that you don’t even target. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    • Hi Ma’am Herleena,
      It feels good to see you here on my blog once more, sure, it also feels nice to interview a follow Ahaian. It’s surprising that you have not mush idea of SEO but your blog still ranks on googles first and second page, I think you are lucky enough, and probably your social network presence has really affected your blog.

      It’s good your shared your views here.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  11. Hi Larry and Nisha,

    Great interview!!!

    SEO ought to be considered anytime you blog. But, for me it’s not the emphasis though the traffic is really nice!!!!

    I think the technical aspects you covered Nisha are really needed for people to understand how they can gain the traffic they want from Google.

    In addition, I love your closing bonus!!! I worked hard over the last six months of creating a community of influential bloggers and the results have been phenomenal. It really is in many aspects what Google wants to see:

    * People writing fantastic content that relates to what people are searching for
    * Shares of content on social media
    * Links to articles in the proper context from one blog to another to enhance the conversation and build influence with bloggers and readers that show Google you are legitimate and influential

    Community is really a huge part of the equation.

    Great post interview guys!!!! Love it.

    Have a great weekend!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don,
      I agree with you that seo needs to be consodered in every blog, it’s good there are other sources you drive traffic from too, but for those who want to drive their major traffic from seo, I guess they should emphasize more on what Nisha has said.

      It’s good you added your own spice to this discussion, I really appreciate that.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  12. Hi Nisha and Larry,

    Thanks to Larry for bringing Nisha to your blog, and – most of all – for an interesting article. I learned a lot of tips that I hadn’t come across before.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

    • Hi Joy,
      Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you learnt a thing from this interview.
      Thanks for letting us know about that, I also appreciate your comment here.
      Enjoy the holiday.
      Merry Xmas 🙂


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