Google Pixel CBrilliant display; Powerful processor; Long battery life; Strong hinge and excellent hybrid experience. These all describes Google’s first Android tablet which also doubles as a laptop.

The Google Pixel C is a phenomenal piece of hardware with beautiful display, long-lasting battery and attractive design.  I only wish that Android were better optimized for tablets and keyboards.


The Google Pixel C can make boast with its sleek, anodized aluminum shell and thin indicator lights, The tablet sports stereo speakers which sit on its sides, and its headphone jack is at the top of its right side. The Pixel C’s volume controls and USB Type-C port are at the top and bottom of its left side, respectively, and the power button sits on the top edge.
If you ask for more, the Google Pixel C has got a 2-megapixel front camera which sits in the middle of the bezel above its display, and a 5-MP rear primary camera sits on the upper-right corner of its back.
To deliver excellent display, the Pixel C relies on its brilliant 2560 x 1800-pixel display, the tablet impressed me with rich colors and sharp details. Once the Pixel C is in laptop mode, its display can be adjusted between a flat 180-degree position and a nearly 90-degree angle. The Pixel C will stay upright no matter how far back you place the screen.


The Pixel C comes with a clean installation of the latest version of Android, version 6.0 Marshmallow. The 32GB version of the Pixel C costs $499; the 64GB version I reviewed costs $599. Google sells the metallic and leather folio case versions of the Pixel C Keyboard for the same price, $149.
What do you think about this tablet?

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