It is no news that every blogger who wants to get exposure and more readership to their blog applies the Guest Blogging Strategy and as a matter of fact, there are lots of benefits attached to Guest Blogging. Not only do you gain exposure, but also most blogs you write for would offer you a dofollow link that would help boost your search engine rankings and PageRank.

Enough of the benefits of guest blogging, the problem lies in getting the most result after you must have stayed up late at night writing a killer article for an authority blog, and yet you do not gain the amount of exposure and new loyal readers as to your blog from the guest articles.

There are a lot of factors that would determine the results you will get from the next guest article you would be submitting and this article would guide you through how you would achieve positive and long lasting subscribers to your blog from a single guest post you made on an authority blog.

a guest post that drives traffic and subscribers

I would love to break down what a perfect guest post should look like. This might not be a general approach by other bloggers to this, but it’s a working principle and a perfect anatomy of a guest post that works for me in conversions and driving traffic to my blog.

Anatomy Of A Guest Post

Before you approach any blog for guest blogging opportunities, it is necessary you consider the Niche of the host blog and convince yourself that it is a place your target audience can be found. If your target audience can’t be gotten from such blog, then you are already one step ahead in wasting your precious article. But if the reverse is the case, then you can go ahead in writing and submitting to such blog because it would gain you more traffic and readers if you apply this properly.

A perfect Guest Post should contain just 2 things namely.

1. A Killer Content

2. A Converting Bio

I guess you are amazed seeing just two points, but those have a lot of roles to play and I’ll explain to you how and what they should look like. I’ll start by explaining the first point.

A Killer Content

The Voice: Every blogger has his/her writing style or what I call voice while writing, but this is not enough reason for you to write in an unfamiliar way to the new audience you are just meeting. It is always important to check out the latest 10 posts on your host blog in order to understand their writing style before writing yours and sending it in. Not only does it make it easier for the webmaster or Editor at the blog to accept, but it also makes it more friendly to the readers and they sure would feel like the article was from the owner of the blog who is actually the reason they are reading the article. This takes us to the next aspect of the content which is the title.

The Title: When I write blog articles, I always follow a laid down rule I made in an article sometime ago, not only does it attract people into reading the blog, but it builds up the trust they would have while reading the post which would enable them to do whatsoever I recommend in the article.
I know you would love to know my approach to titles, it’s quite simple. Make sure you write killer headline or rather catchy blog titles. You would find this article interesting if you want to learn my headline writing strategies.

The Content: This is one aspect I usually make the most hit from. I would not love to say I’m the best out there when it comes to writing guest posts for other blogs, but I can assure you that my content always brings me huge success in form of new readers and subscriber and here is my reason. Whenever I think of writing a guest post, I always love to write Personal Case Studies. Now that is one thing that works for me, but you can also discover what works for you if you do a little experiment on this. I carry out an experiment and when it’s a success, I show it not only to my readers on this blog, but I also write a catchy title and a content that can never be rejected and send it as a guest article. The new audience reading this article would want to learn more from me and they end up becoming subscribers at my blog. Now you see what I mean, it’s quite easy if you can practice this and come up with your own guest blogging content style.

Generally, when you are considering a killer content for a guest posting escapade, there are basically 3 things you should know.

  • A compelling Title Is Your 1st Attention grabbing spot, Don’t Misuse It.
  • Writing in the First Person Voice is always better.
  • Great content, especially case studies drive more traffic and readership

Now, let’s move over to the next aspect of guest posts which is the bio section.

A Converting Bio

If you successfully achieved the fit of sweeping your new readers off their feet by writing a killer content in form of a guest post, it is now a nice opportunity to use their excitement against them. Really, I don’t mean using it against them in the literal sense, but what I mean is making good use of this opportunity right in front of you.

Whenever someone considers you an authority as a result of your article, they can do what ever you wish and utilizing this one time opportunity is a great asset added to your blogging career. Your Bio should contain just two things, namely;

  • Who You Are
  • A Call To Action

Who You Are

It is very much necessary you write a short description of your person to your new audience. You do not have to make it lengthy and boring because that would make the user go away before heading to your call to action. I love making it just a short sentence that tells them what I do, for instance “Oscar Frank is a Full Time Blogger who loves teaching others Ways To Make Money Online”. The short description above simply describes what I do or who I am. Keep it simple and straight.

A Call To Action

This is the main reason you wrote the guest article and should be considered a priority in your writing. If you need long lasting readers, give them an offer that can’t be gotten elsewhere. Most blogs allow one link to your blog and this is the section where you can utilize this, offer them an ebook for free which is worth having a look at. You can spend some money on a quality content and ask them to visit the link to get it.

Now on the other end where the free ebook is to be gotten, ask them to drop their emails to get the free ebook on their mail, or they can rather Like your page in order to reveal the download link to the ebook. This is known as social payment.

This works a great deal because you just converted them to your subscribers in an exchange for your freebie and most importantly, you simply didn’t force them into it. A perfect call to action seals the whole deal when it comes to guest blogging.

Summarily, guest blogging brings a new audience and new traffic to any blogger only if you utilize your opportunities wisely, and also write great contents that would turn faces to your blog. This guide is a perfect dissection of what a Guest Post should look like.

Feel free to add yours points if any to this article using the comment box below, and do not forget to share on your social media accounts.


  1. Thanks, some good tips. I am considering starting guest blogging soon and the ‘Call to action’ in your bio tip is particularly a useful one that I will make sure I leverage properly when I start.


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