Over the years, we have witnessed the surfacing of jobs, that didn’t exist years back. These jobs are facilitated by arising needs. Technology has been a huge player in the creation of jobs that were ones absent. In the presence of many jobs today, it is imperative that we look into ascertaining high paying jobs of the future because these jobs have the tendency of remaining relevant while churning out high pay. In this article, we explore a list of high paying jobs for the future. These jobs are listed as follow:

high paying jobs for the future

1. Solar Energy Technician

In a bid to the emission of harmful substances into the air due to the mode of electricity generation, Many countries have begun seeking alternatives to power generation. Solar energy is the most popular alternative we have today. Many countries have begun adopting solar energy for the generation of power. Getting skills in this field is very lucrative. Over the years the cost of having solar energy in homes have dropped drastically, this has facilitated its popularity in most home, we now have a large number of homes using solar energy, which facilitates the need of solar energy technicians. In 2016 Solar energy technicians were paid a median yearly pay of $39,24, which increases as we advance.

2. Software Developer

Acquiring the skills of a software engineer is very lucrative that’s why many people either learn related skills to switch to software developer jobs or improve their existing technical skills to increase their chance of being promoted.

The need for tech-inclined workers, cannot be overemphasized. Technology has seen important applications in all aspects of life. Automated systems we use today are powered by software. Robots, computers and mobile devices are powered by software, they all need software for operation. This has facilitated a lot of job openings for software engineers. Today we have over 1.2 million job openings for software engineers. Acquiring the skills of a software engineer is very lucrative. In 2016 Software Developers were paid a median yearly pay of $100,080, which increases as we advance

3. Nurse Practitioner

Being a Nurse is yet another lucrative profession. Just the way the need for health care will never end, Nurses will always be needed. Nurses are an important part of the medical profession. Nurses are professional caregivers.

The Insufficiency of doctors, as facilitated in the advancement of Nursing study. Today we have nurses that diagnose health problems, this has made Nurses even more important. In 2016 Nurses had a median yearly pay of $100,910, which increases as we advance

4. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist takes care of the needs of people in need of physical rehabilitation. They assist people with pain management, therapeutic treatment as they age and lots more. From 2016 to 2026, we expect to have over 177,000 jobs opening for Physical therapist, following its importance. In 2016 Physical Therapist had a median yearly pay of $100,910, which increases as we advance.

5. Data Analyst

Data analysts are professionals who have acquired skills in tracking and measuring. They are usually hired to measure data that gets collected. As data collected every year increases, so are job opportunities for data analyst increasing.

Every organization needs a data analyst to measure and keep track of data collected. In 2016 Data Analysts had a median yearly pay of $57,261, which increases as we advance

6. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineering is another imperative profession we have today, the need for biomedical engineers cannot be overemphasized. Biomedical engineers are professions skilled in the development of medical devices, artificial organs, bionic body parts, biological implants. Biomedical Engineering is an important part of the medical profession. In 2016 Data Analysts had a median yearly pay of $85,620, which increases as we advance

7. Blockchain Developer

The success of bitcoin is no new. Bitcoin is a digital currency that has attained high-level success, today we have a lot of companies that accept bitcoin as payment for services and goods.

Blockchain is a cryptographic ledger that can make economic and other types of transactions decentralized, faster, and more private. With the success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is crystal clear that blockchain developers would be highly sought after.

8. 3D Printing Technician

3D models are needed in every aspect of production. 3D objects are used to visualize products before they are manufactured. Car companies use 3D models, smartphone manufacturing companies also used 3D objects, this fact remains the same for many production industries today.

Understanding the Niti gritty of 3D printing is very imperative. 3D Printing technicians are sought around the world today. This will continue for years to come.

9. Virtual Reality Designer

Virtual reality has played a huge role in simulation. Virtual reality has made training professionals a lot easier. Trainees do not need to waste materials to learn. All they need is to put on virtual reality headsets and they introduced to a virtual world, that depicts the ideal situation of the job. Virtual Reality has so many applications. The Technology of virtual reality is something that won’t go out of existence in the nearest future. Being a virtual reality designer is a very lucrative profession.

10. Mechanical Engineering Specialist

Last but certainly not least, is the Mechanical engineering job profession. Mechanical engineers are needed in virtually all aspect of production. Mechanical engineers develop machines for production. every company needs robots that are capable of carrying out batch operations, with very high efficiency. This fact will remain for years to come. Mechanical engineers will forever be needed.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of high paying jobs for the future. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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