In case you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s recent advancements, it’s time to spill the beans! For the recent months, this IT giant is tilting towards a more realistic certification approach, and that is through the role-based credentials.

All these changes are relatively significant, especially that many organizations are now utilizing cloud architecture as the backbone of their businesses. And Microsoft sees this dramatic move as a way to embrace all the current and upcoming variations in the IT sector.

All there is to know about the role based Microsoft Certifications

In this article, we are going to let you know all there is on the Microsoft role-based certifications and how can be of immense help to you.

Going into the career-based approach

The transition means that Microsoft now focuses on actual functions that professional does instead of plainly knowledge. In principle, role-based certifications are a more effective way for career development as it targets the application of knowledge and skills in an accurate setting. It is because you can easily choose what career you want to pursue than simply choosing a vague certification exam with various job roles.

Having a particular job function like Azure Developer or Azure Solutions Architect allows you to fully develop your skills. With this career-based approach, you can effectively set your certification path in the future. 

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Preparing you for a realistic certification path

Role-based certifications are designed for professionals to easily pick the skills required for certain job roles. This makes them fully clothed for a realistic IT career. Microsoft now creates a new certification path – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Though fundamental certifications are optional, it’s highly advisable to get one for you to have a profound overview of Azure.

As a start, Microsoft offers three introductory certifications – Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Developer Associate, and Azure Solutions Architect Expert. There are more role-based certifications to come and more old exams to be retired this year.

Let’s take for example the Azure Administrator Associate credential. It will elaborate your skills in Microsoft Azure solutions, including implementing, monitoring, and upholding main services. Further, you will gain a deeper understanding of Azure subscriptions and resources, virtual machines, virtual networks, storage, and identities.

But of course, since these are already career-based certifications, prepare for new more practical kind of certification exams. At the present time, Microsoft now retires its two corresponding exams, namely AZ-100 (Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment) and AZ-101 (Microsoft Azure Integration and Security).

Whilst the two exams were recently offered this year, Microsoft has decided to replace both exams with a much more simplified yet still comprehensive test, which is AZ-103. With the latest modifications, you only need to pass AZ-103 exam to gain Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.

Retiring of old certification exams

In relation to the birth of role-based certification exams, a series of exams and certifications are now and will be retired. Thus the retired credentials include MCSA Cloud Platform, Linux on Azure, Office 365, MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure among many. The certifications that are going to be retired in June 2019 are the following: MCSA Microsoft Dynamics 365, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering with Azure. The retirement is to pave way for the new array of Azure certification exams that are in line with the highly commended cloud architecture. The continuous depreciation of existing Azure certification exams started last December 2018.

For professionals who already completed and passed a certain certification which is now retired, don’t worry because Microsoft has everything prepped for you. Through transitions exams, Microsoft-certified individuals can update their credentials in conjunction with the new certification path. Technically, it features the same idea as upgrading your certification but in a more rationalized manner because of the restructuring of Microsoft credentials. This means that transition exams now have restructured coverage, focusing more on skills and not on knowledge.

Using ExamSnap as an exam prep tool

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Knowing that there’s nothing permanent in this world than change, it’s best to fully acknowledge all the updates revolving around the field of information technology. And this includes the launch of role-based certifications, which is vastly pioneered by Microsoft.

And now that Microsoft is nonstop with their revisions, it’s also time to step-up your career goals! Keep thriving with the help of a well-thought-out career path and a reliable IT website like ExamSnap.


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