Truth be said, and you have to forgive me on this if you are Nigerian. I never believed any Nigerian company could actually setup an affiliate earning program for bloggers and have things go down well until I received my first payment from the Konga affiliate commission program into my bank account on the 2nd of February 2015. I know you’ll understand me by the time you are done reading this posts.

Konga affiliate program

My Earlier Experience With Nigerian Affiliate Programs

I’ve been blogging for quite sometime now using Google Adsense program, and Sponsored Posts as my major sources of income. But one of those days, lately, some marketing Rep from Jumia contacted me and offered that I joined their affiliate program which I gladly signed up for. After several months, with their links on my several mobile reviews, I couldn’t even record a sale. This wasn’t because I never drove sales to them, but as a result of the faulty platform their affiliate program was built on. I had to let go off the Nigerian affiliate ish after this experience.

How I Joined Konga

With that in mind, I decided to call quit on any other Nigerian Affiliate program that came my way not until a fellow blogger told me he was earning commissions from the Konga Affiliate program. Being a little skeptical, I reluctantly decided to give them a try. This time, I only placed Konga affiliate links in about 3 new mobile reviews I made something in mid December and decided to watch things with hope that it doesn’t go as bad as the former affiliate program I tried out. To my amazement, I began recording sales from the very first day and saw my earnings grow up to payout in about a month from those 3 posts and I hurriedly requested for my payment.

Now, still hoping that things won’t go wrong like my account getting banned because I reached their payout threshold, I never placed the affiliate link on any other posts.

I Finally Got Paid

Now, here’s the good news. I received a credit alert from my bank stating that I was paid my affiliate commissions from Konga on Monday. Now, I wonder why I never started using this program earlier or why I didn’t place their affiliate links on all my reviews. Here is the screen shot of the earnings I made from those 3 posts.

Konga finally pays me my affiliate earnings

Though it might seem little, I’m actually ready to upscale the earnings as I have used the day in editing my reviews placing my Konga affiliate links all around them.

Now what are you waiting for? You too can make more money on your blog using the Konga Affiliate Program. Sign Up Now!


  1. Hi Oscar, Thank you so much for the heads up…
    now I’ve fallen in love with Konga 🙂

    Wow! You pasted the ad code on 3 pages withing a month and made 14k+… I’m really impressed.

    Its a must I sign up TODAY…

  2. Hi Oscar, please wich plugin are u using for mobile reviews?? I tink is time for jumia and konga reviews, thanks for some tips here and please do tell me th plugin thanks

  3. interesting thing to know how is being going on here … may I ask you mr. Osca what I the best hosting company I can make use of ….. and how can I switch my domain name from one company to the other…. pls take NOTE Domain name NOT hosting …. thanks ….

  4. Hi Oscar, its good to see that you made money from Konga Affiliate. I have also been an affiliate of Konga and Jumia for the past months and its been profitable. I have made over N255k on Konga and Over 100K from Jumia Affiliate programs. Yes! Nigeria companies are trying, I must confess.

  5. hello Mr frank.
    please I like to know if I can run kings and info links affiliate stuff using my Facebook and twitter account/page. I don’t own a blog yet.

    also, which other suggestions can you make regarding other affiliate marketing that will go well for me using Facebook and twitter page.

  6. I am on the verge of dropping Konga completely. If within the next 3 months I still dont make a single dime, then I will stick to Konga forever.


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