For sure we all as bloggers have one major target which is making money online and so would love to know how the big guns are able to make huge returns in terms of revenue on their blogs.

In this post, I’ll be explaining to you how TechCruch, a giant tech blog and company is able to generate millions of dollars with their blog annually.

Most times when people see articles on making money blogging, they conclude within themselves that Adsense is definitely the number one publishing network you would be talking about , but in the case of TechCrunch, this is far from it.

A Little Background Story

Anyway, let me get you conversant with this tech company in question. TechCrunch is a Tech News blog that blogs majorly on latest technology trends and start-ups. It was started by Michael Arrington on the 11th of June 2005, obviously 9 years old as at time of this post. According to the story on their about page;

“The big break for TechCrunch came, however, in October 2006 when Arrington first broke the news of YouTube’s acquisition by Google, landing the hobbyist on the homepage of the Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section and marking an important turning point for the site – and for new media. Thereafter, Arrington’s TechCrunch was no longer relegated to simply providing opinion about breaking news; it became a complete news outlet in its own right. By 2008, Time Magazine recognized Arrington as one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People.”

This had actually influenced his blog into getting millions of monthly visitors from around the globe and monetizing the traffic never escaped this young webprenuer .

How The Blog Generates Revenue

It’s quite simple, though they don’t run any ad publishing networks ads on their blog, they make their money simply by advertising (Banner Ads).  If you load the site’s homepage, you would be welcomed with the slide and 2 Banner Ads above the fold.

how techcrunch make money online

Banner Ads are the source of revenue for this Tech Giant company. It is said from statistics that the blog generates around $400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Dollars) on a monthly basis.

The Ad Banner spaces available at TechCrunch are been paid for on a CPM basis and not clicks, and their CPM prices range from $19.25 to $36.50 per CPM. CPM ads are paid for on a thousand impressions. Considering the huge amount of traffic they get over there, common, you would agree with me that the revenue might even be larger than stated above.

Things To Learn From TechCrunch To Make Money With Blogging

1. Be Unique

Despite the increasing number of Technology blogs out there, this tech giant has proven to be unique in their own way by focusing on their niche and area of coverage, breaking tech news and filling a vacuum instead of copying others. Carving a niche for your blog is one thing you must bear in mind if you ever wish to become successful and make money with it.

2. Post Like Mad

The truth after I conducted this experiment is, an increase in your blog post numbers or frequency would result in a spiking increase in traffic. As much as it is necessary to post quality articles, quantity also matters a lot and has resulted in more traffic which has a direct on the revenue this blog bags.

3. Perseverence

Most people venture into blogging thinking this is a get rich quick scheme, but truth be told, it requires a lot of smart-work, hard-work and patience. As I stated earlier, the money didn’t start flowing from the day of beginning, but the ability to persevere and still run the blog 9 years later after it was created has yielded such tremendous results for the company.

Finally, to make money online as a blogger requires hardwork and patience. With time, your hard-work would pay off and you’ll have your name ringing in the blogosphere as another success story just like this one.

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  1. Hi Oscar,

    Good tips! And you just know I agree with posting like mad lol…..frequent posting makes good things happen. Improve your writing skills, expand your presence and grow your revenue. Post!


  2. I believe wit u my brother, hardwork, petience and zeal wil take us higher in our blogging carerr. One thing I like most about this Blog review is d fact dt they only focus on one Monitization technique, many a time if we keep clustering our blog wit too many ad and Monitization scheme it scares people away nd equally lower our SERP AND SEO. Thanks bro 4 dis tip and happy new Yr my oga at d top.

  3. Unique posts are always winner!
    ” to make money online as a blogger requires hardwork and patience” is a Big True.
    Thanks for your post Oscar.

  4. What I discover is that most Bloggers, don’t have a stable Niche, once had a frnd, that runs a tech blog,about latest Gadgets and phones,but he wasnot able to keep up with that trend cause he lacked Tech news and phones spec, I releated to him and he said he would change his niche and post on tutorial,sure thing a tutorial blog gives users a good chance of communication to the admin but the main thing/point here is patience, I once runed a blog and it took me 3 years to Rank 500,000 in Alexa, posting like “Mad” like you said is not the issue Oscar but its quality and Quantity had been a big fan of yours ecer since oscarmini was on blogspot and when you where posting lots of free browsing , till now that u are on wordpress but to be frank u don’t even post like mad , like Google said” Content Is the King”

  5. The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a step…. The first step of a blogger is to decide on the niche he/she wants to blog about. Techcrunch take the bold step in breaking into the tech news niche and with time & perseverance they were able to hit the jackpot. Making money through Banners Ads alone is not a easy once, you have to be ontop of your niche before you can see big advertisers paying huge for CPM Bannner Ads on your blog.

    Nice article from you oscar and big compliment to techcrunch, hope to reach that level of depending on only Banners Ad in Future.


  6. this is an inspiration for me as a newbie in tech blogging,pls oscar help me redesigned my blog at mubitecth blog


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