If we are talking about a company taking the health of their customers seriously, it is clear that Apple has made a lot of progress in that in recent years. Apple now helps its users to lose weight, save pregnancies, prevent heart attacks, and its Apple Watch can even pass as a personal trainer and health coach nowadays. Surely, your Apple Watch cannot replace your doctor, but it has features that are amazingly useful and can help you to stay healthy for as long as you want. Let’s expatiate in our list of How The Apple Watch Can Keep You Healthy:

How The Apple Watch Can Keep You Healthy

1. It Cautions You About Loud Noise To Prevent Hearing Damage

Sadly, we only seek help for hearing loss when things have become too serious. And this because hearing loss happens gradually, due to both genetic and environmental factors. Apple has tried to battle against environmental factors with its Noise application and we must say it is very effective. It recognizes very loud noise (more than 90 decibels) and instantly notifies you that you are risking hearing loss. The Noise application can be downloaded tomorrow, Sept 16, when WatchOS 6 will be released to Apple Watches.

2. It Helps You To Monitor Your Menstrual Cycle

Apple recently added the new Cycle Tracking to Apple Watch and it is already integrated into the Health application on iPhone. And as ladies already know, tracking your menstrual cycle is key for you to understand your general health.

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Irregular cycles can actually lead to a serious medical issue like polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, and osteoporosis. It will also be available tomorrow when iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 will be released to everyone.

3. Detect Falls And Reach Out For Help

When Apple Watch Series 4 was released with its fall detection feature, a lot of customers found the ad funny on television. But falling is no joke for those who cannot get back on their feet on their own. Some users have even come out to say that this feature has saved their lives a couple of times since it was launched.

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It works like this, an alarm will be heard if you fall, and a push notification will be sent to you, asking if you are okay. If you do not respond, it will reach out to emergency services for assistance.

4. You Will Be Alerted If You Have An Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Apple Watch’s ECG application has always earned positive reviews. This app recognizes atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is one of the most rampant abnormal heart rhythms. ECG detects it through a 30-second test.

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The irregular heartbeats are not always terminal or serious, but they can sometimes cause stroke, blood clots, and even heart failure. Anytime you receive an AFib notification from your Apple Watch, head straight to the hospital.

5. Detect High And Low Heart Rate

Like the AFib feature, Apple Watch can recognize high heart rates (tachycardia) and low heart rates (bradycardia). But before anything else, you have to manually type in what would be high and low heart rates for you in the Apple Watch application on your iOS device. So if your Apple Watch recognizes heart rates that are more or less than those ranges, you will be notified.

There you have it – you have just learned how the Apple Watch can keep you healthy. if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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