It’s probably about 72 hours since Nigeria’s most visited website according to Alexa, and one of Africa’s largest forum, Nairaland, went down. This has kept most members worried since no official public statement has been made available as at time of this post.

what happended to nairaland

Are you also worried and already missing your favorite forum? Here is a little trick to access your number 1 forum, Nairaland. Simply follow the below link, and access the already archived pages by the Internet’s Wayback machine. 🙂

You’ll be glad you did, just to put off the tensions.

Note: You won’t be able to create Topics and Replies. You would only be able to access the archived pages. At least till Nairaland Engineers get things working once more.


  1. He lost like 6 months traffic, registerd users.. I think d mistake he made by not able to restore everything back is because he did not make his back up regularly likewise me.. But pls is dere a way to make a blog backup without downloading d backup file on my pc??

    • You are right Dammy. Talking about Backing up your blog without downloads, there are a couple of plugins that would backup and send you a mail or upload to dropbox. I simple Google search would do here.


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