Since the introduction of the new blogger interface, it has not been really easy for mobile bloggers to make posts with thumbnails so they are left with no option than to copy images from the internet and use it on their blogs. Whis is not pretty good, it has its implications.

I wrote this post to help all bloggers using mobile device to be able to make thier posts with thumbnails, to get this Done, We will have employ the “Mail To Blogger” Post Method… If you already activated this method, Skip the next step, but if you have Not, follow all steps accordingly.

Step 1.
Goto Your blogger Dashboard, click on the blog you want to apply this method to, then Click on Settings => Mobile and email then You will see a text area after you gmail username. In the text area, add a secret word which will be known to only you, select “save email as draft post” then Save the settings.

How To Add Image  To Your Blogger  Blog Post With Mobile

Step 2.
Goto your => Compose mail then compose the post you want to publish. The address you will send the post to is [email protected] The Title of the post should be used as the Subject of the Mail and the Post content should be in the Mail Body.

Step 3.
Now is to Upload the Images you want to use for your blog post.
Use the mail attachment option to add the images you want to use.
Then send Mail.

Note:If you want to see the attachment option, Your Gmail Must be in “Basic html” to put your gmail in Basic html, go to the buttom of your gmail page and You will see it like the below image.
How To Add Image  To Your Blogger  Blog Post With Mobile

Step 5.
Now, Goto Your Blogger dashboard >> posts >> Draft, there You will see the blog post you sent. Edit it and arrange the images to your taste and publish it


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