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Twitter is no doupt a fast rising site with over 200 millon active monthly users and over 170 billion members, every one wants to have numerous fellowers.

Today, We are going to take a Tutorial on How to Add Your Twitter Lattest Tweets on Your Blogger Blog.
This one is very essencial because it goes a long way to increase your twitter fellower.

Now You Are Good To Go

Goto Twitter Widget Configuration Page

The screenshot below describes how the page looks like:
How To Add Twitter Recent Tweet To Your Blogger Blog

Input your Twitter Username, Select Your Preferred Width and every necessary things there and click on Save changes. Then Copy your code from the place as shown in the screenshot Below:

Alternatively, You can copy the code below and change your Username, Width to your choice

Now After You ‘ve Gotten Your Own Code, Navigate to Blogger.com, Locate The Blog you want to add This Widget to, Goto ‘Layout’ Then ‘Add Gadget’ Select ‘HTML/JavaScript’ and then Paste The code. Then Save.
You Are Done..


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