Did you register for a subscription to the Disney Plus streaming platform before users were allowed to bundle with Hulu and ESPN Plus? Not to worry, you can still switch to the bundled offer. In this article, you will learn how to bundle Disney plus when you already have Hulu and ESPN Plus.

How about those that are already subscribed to Hulu or ESPN Plus? It is not an issue too because those streaming services can be merged with Disney Plus if you want a discounted price to make use of all 3 simultaneously.

How To Bundle Disney Plus When You Already Have Hulu And ESPN Plus

You have to pay $13 every month for the Disney Plus bundle and this will save you $5 every month. The bundle can be bought by heading to Disney, ESPN Plus or Hulu. If you own a Hulu or ESPN account already, the combination of your accounts on your desktop is not complicated.

How Can I Bundle Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus?

1. Sign up for a Disney Plus account at DisneyPlus.com. Type in your billing and credit card details to register.
2. As soon as your account is registered, tap on your profile icon. You will see it in the upper right corner.
3. Choose Account.
4. Under “Subscription,” tap Switch to Disney bundle.

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You will now be able to bundle your Hulu and ESPN Plus accounts with Disney Plus.

If I Registered For Disney Plus With Another Email Than What I Have For Hulu Or ESPN Plus?

If you are registered already, you will have to change your email address for Disney Plus. See how:

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1. Launch Disney Plus on your desktop or smartphone.
2. Choose your profile icon.
3. Click Account.
4. Under “Account Details,” your email address will be visible. Choose Change email.
5. Type in your new email and password.
6. Tap Save.

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There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to bundle Disney plus when you already have Hulu and ESPN Plus. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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