For bloggers who use feedburner for their email Newsletter service because of it’s free option must have noticed that whenever you create a new blog post, the mail sent to your subscribers inbox bears the same Subject Line Title  with other previous updates you have made on the blog.

changing feedburner email subject to your post title

The subject line is usually something like the title of your blog eg. Oscar Mini Blog. One thing that would increase the Open Rate of your emails to your subscriber is your distinct titles and especially if you know how to Write Killer and Compelling Blog Headlines, changing the subject line to those post titles would be to your advantage.

I would guide you through how you can tweak your feedburner account in order to change the Newsletter subject line with the title of the latest blog post you made.

Customizing Feedburner Email Subject Line With Your Post Title

Follow the steps below and you’ll achieve customizing your feedburner email with your blog post title and enjoy a higher CTR and more traffic to your blog form your email subscribers.

Here is how you can achieve this easily.

1. Log in to your FeedBurner account and click on the particular blog feed you wish to customize the sent out emails subject line titles.

2. Now click on Edit Feed Details > Publicize tab

3. Click on Email Subscription on the Left sidebar and select Email Branding.

4. In the Email Subject/Title Box type in


Then Save.

You can now make a new blog update and view the new Newsletters that would be sent into your Email Inbox. It would come with the Subject Line bearing the Title of the latest blog post in question.

Benefits Of The Subject Line Title Branding

There are a lot of benefits in optimizing your feedburner account this way. Such as

  • It would create a professional look to your subscribers
  • The different subjects titles coming in as mails to your subscribers would prompt them to opening the mail in order to read the article order than having the same subject title always.

This would result in an increase in your blog traffic. I hope you would implement this strategy of changing feedburner emails subject line to your blog post titles and watch your blog traffic increase. Happy Blogging


  1. Brand your latest content. Make this edit. Smart post Oscar!

    Why not do a bit of legwork to improve your open rates? I am stunned by how few go the extra mile to get more clicks but hey, if this is your business, you better pay attention to details.

    As you note; the professional look of each email along with distinct, unique titles will increase your email opens and views. Grow your list and boost your conversions by taking the steps.

    Thanks for sharing Oscar!


  2. Title branding is a very nice move to keeping your subscribers enticed and busy, though i prefer using ${latestItemTitle} – Netmediablog. Adding my blog name close to the title will easily promote my brand even without the subscriber opening the content and can easily head over and type my address on the address bar. Even if it serves as just a reminder.

  3. Hello Oscar,

    Great Share.!

    thanks for the wonderful tips. this tips is useful for newbies bloggers who don’t know what is feed burner. btw.! thanks for sharing and writing 🙂

    stay updated and stay rocking 😉 😛


  4. Nice and needful post Oscar 🙂

    I didn’t do it before, but after reading your post I have done as you specified.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful piece of information about the change of email subject in Feedburner, keep sharing the stuffs like this 🙂

  5. Hi Oscar,

    This is really a useful tips. If you are using Feedburner to distribute your RSS, displaying post title increases the rate of clickthrough. I’m using Mailchimp and it is quite easy there. Glad to see it is possible for Feedburner too!

  6. Hey Oscar,

    I was searching for this about a month back. However, I recently discovered that Mailchimp gives better control over this area and therefore I switched to mailchimp.

    I would recommend everyone here to start using mailchimp.

  7. I was so worried about this. i just knew it was abnormal to have my Blog Name as the subject of feedburner email update. I appreciate this tip. keep the good work up.


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