We all want to know every secret codes of every network , even that of cheap data plans in Nigeria and lots more. You all know that if you want to check you account ballance and all other bonus on Airtel you will have to check it differently, but here today I’ll show you how you’ll be able to check your account ballance and every of your bonus on Airtel Nigeria at once

Airtel Bonus Checker

Okay let me give an example, when you want to check your account balance and data plans or whatsoever balance, you check it differently just like the below;

>>Account Ballance= *123# SEND/OK
>>Data Plan Ballance= *141*712*0# OR *123*10# SEND/OK
And the rest of them

Yes it’s possible to check all your bonus with just a single code, lets see how.

Simply dial *223# and you’ll be displayed all your bonus balance.
With this code I hope its a bit easier for you to check your bonus balance?



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