When most people start up a New Blog, they face troubles choosing which Niche to write about. There are lots of New Blogs out there which I come across writing lots of non related articles all in one blog.

how to choose a bloggigng niche

They might write about technology today, tomorrow they would write about Politics, later about Entertainment, this wouldn’t help you in growing a dedicated and targeted audience. Top bloggers do not consider this a perfect way to blogging as search engines won’t rank your blog high in all niches.

You must have noticed that this blog is dedicated to Blogging, WordPress, SEO. You would say that’s a lot of Topics to write about, well you can also reason that these are all related.
Let me give the Newbies and others who do not yet know what Niche to blog on, a guide to choose your blogging Niche.

Guide to Choosing a Blogging Niche

  • Interest and Passion: Yeah, without you having interest in any activity, I don’t think you can make a headway in it. You have to find out your passion or interest, blog on a niche topic that interests you, something you love doing whenever you are called upon. It could be Technology, Blogging Tips, Entertainment… Just find your Passion and make it your Niche.
  • Your Head Topic Popularity: If you have finally chosen a Niche, you have to analyze the popularity or interest people have in that Niche, if people do not have interest in your Niche, then it can turn out to be a failure.
    Make a wise Niche selection, run keyword analysis, ask people questions. All this can be of help.
  • Competition: You have to consider how competitive the Niche you are about going into is. If it is filled up with top blogs in thousands, the probability that you would win the competition soon would be so low, so you have to make a nice survey of your competitors. This doesn’t mean you can’t survive a competitive blogging Niche, it’s all up to how hard you can work.

In Conclusion: Considering the above tips would be helpful to people trying to choose a Niche for their blogging career. Hope you choose a wonderful Niche for yourself.


    • Before going into blogging, it is necessary to choose a perfect niche that you can stand and have passion for. I’m glad I was able to guide you through that Tony, thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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